Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders: Polls suggest Sanders reducing the Clinton lead

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders: Polls suggest Sanders reducing the Clinton lead

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders: Polls suggest Sanders reducing the Clinton lead

Bernie Sanders is on the rise these days. After being shadowed by Hillary Clintonbernie sanders for president for the last several month, his stock is on the rise .

And the person who looked like certain to bag the Democratic nomination seems to be on a shaky grounds now. Yes, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are no longer certain that the former secretary of state will bag the nomination, though she remains the front runner till now.

The way Bernie Sanders spoke during the last Democratic debate belied the fact that he was a 74-year-old socialist from Vermont. The way he impressed people watching the debate in their millions shows that he is a man with a mission. Besides his healthcare and tax policies seem to have impressed a large number of Democratic and Independent voters across the US.

While there are many theories doing the rounds, but a report while talking about his surge in recent weeks has this to say, “The biggest contributor to Sanders’ success is neither the small-dollar donor who sustains him nor the millennials who flock to his rallies. The co-author of Sanders’ accomplishment is Hillary Clinton. Sen. Sanders’ indispensable assistant has been the candidate he’s running against…I’ve only met Clinton once. She was fun and warm and rendered a few minutes a delightful experience. The public persona she has created is of a different character, a woman who has fought, not for people, but for survival and power”.

While Clinton still enjoys substantial lead over Sanders, the difference has come dow substantially. A latest CNN/ORC Poll claims that former first lady actually tops Sanders 52% to 38% among registered voters who are Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is far behind the two top candidates at just 2%.

The latest pll means that while Clinton’s lead over Sanders still remains in double-digits, these figures represent the tightest the contest has been since early September. Back then, before Vice President Joe Biden had opted out of the race and before the remaining Democratic field ever took to a debate stage, Clinton topped Sanders by just 10 points. Another finding suggests that younger voters are finding Sanders more attractive. Sanders is backed by 49 percent people below 50 years of age while Clinton is backed by 41 percent people in this age group.

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