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Hillary Clinton for President 2016: Her private email server issue an issue in Iowa and elsewhere

Hillary Clinton for President 2016: Her private email server issue an issue in Iowa and elsewhere

Hillary Clinton for President 2016: Her private email server issue an issue in Iowa and elsewhere 

Hillary Clinton remains the top Democrat hopeful as fall as US Presidential Elections 2016 is concerned. The former First Lady and the former Secretary of State remains on top as far as the fund raising and media attention is concerned. But things change rather fast and the front runners, many a times, tend to lose the race in the later part of primaries.

In the meantime one issue that was limited till now to media is gaining wider voter attention. Reports suggest that Hillary Clinton’s private email server issue is not going to be brushed under the carpet as many had believed till now. On the contrary the email server issue is being talked more and more as far as nation’s first caucus state, Iowa is concerned.

While Hillary Clinton seems to be eager to laugh away the issue, people are not very convinced. On the contrary they are posing tougher questions at the former First Lady.

HillaryClintonThis past Friday night, Hillary Clinton used one of this year’s largest Iowa Democratic events, the multi-county Wing Ding dinner tried to lay the blame on the Republican side. But the argument seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Some people cheered, but most people didn’t seem to be convinced at all when believing her words were concerned.

There are people who believe that the former Top Obama government official was trying to shrug off an issue that may be a serious issue after all. Many believe that the controversy was another in a long line of incidents and scandals involving the Clintons. Many wanted to hear more from her rivals.

Nonetheless she cannot be written off and remains a huge power. There is no denying the fact that Clinton actually remains carefully managed in Iowa. Clinton read from a Teleprompter as she spoke. She visited the Iowa State Fair Saturday and unlike most other candidates, did not speak from the Des Moines Register Soapbox.
Her words were unimpressive when she said, “I’ve said in the past that, you know, I used a single account for convenience…Obviously these years later it doesn’t look so convenient.”

She went on to add, “I never sent classified material on my email and I never received any that was marked classified. So I’m going to let whatever this inquiry is go forward and we’ll await the outcome of it…“It is never raised in my town halls…It is never raised in my other meetings with people.”

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