Highlights of the Prime Minister’s Independence Address

Highlights of the Prime Minister’s Independence Address

·         Prime Minister calls for understanding and restraint, otherwise our security and integrity can get adversely affected.

·         Prime Minister cautions against “some people who want to create disturbances in the country so that our progress gets stalled”.

·         Prime Minister wows that “we will not let this happen”.

·         Prime Minister says this is time “to raise our personal political interests and build consensus on issues of national importance”.

·         Prime Minister claims “we have provided political stability and socio and economic progress”.

·         Prime Ministers asserts that we have “established an environment of communal harmony in the country”.

·         Prime Minister says his seven years have seen rapid economic development.

·         Prime Minister says “we have taken a special care of the needs of our brothers and sisters from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Minorities, Women and Children”.

·         Prime Minister promises food security legislation soon.

·         Prime Minister says the country is full of “confidence and self-respect”.

·         Prime Minister acknowledges “corruption is a big obstacle in national transformation”.

·         Prime Minister says corruption should be discussed in a manner that “should not create an atmosphere in which country`s progress comes into question”.

·         Prime Minister urges that discussion on corruption should not distract from self-confidence.

·         Prime Minister asserts that “the government is taking strictest possible action in cases of corruption”.

·         Prime Minister says “there is no single big step which we can take to eradicate corruption”.

·         Prime Minister says corruption cannot be eradicated unless “we improve our justice delivery system”.

·         Prime Minister asserts “we want strong Lokpal to prevent corruption in high places”.

·         Prime Minister says no one “should resort to hunger strikes and fast-unto-death”.

·         Prime Minister says nothing should be done to dilute independence of the judiciary.

·         Prime Minister acknowledges “misuse of governmental discretion in allocation of scarce resources”.

·         Prime Minister says the Government working on measures to reduce corruption in government projects.

·         Prime Minister says “government will lay down principles and practices with regard to government purchases”.

·         Prime Minister says no government has a “magic wand” to eradicate corruption.

·         Prime Minister asserts “we have to fight against corruption on many fronts”.

·         Prime Minister compliments farmers on producing a record level food grains.

·         Prime Minister says we need a second Green Revolution in Agriculture.

·         Prime Minister acknowledges “a phase of sustained high inflation”.

·         Prime Minister says “our government fully understands its responsibility to control rise in prices”.

·         International markets fuel inflation in India.

·         Prime Minister says “finding a solution to inflation will be our top most priority in the coming months”.

·         Prime Minister says “land acquisition must be transparent and fair”.

·         Prime Minister says “government will establish a new Education Commission to suggest improvements in education at all levels”.

·         Prime Minister wants 12th Five Year Plan to focus on health.

·         Prime Minister says investment in infrastructure has grown more than 1 1/2 times in the last seven years.

·         Prime Minister says “we want to make India slum-free and the ownership of clean houses to slum dwellers”.

·         Prime Minister says “malnutrition in women and children is a matter of concern for all of us”.

·         Prime Minister regrets “declining sex ratio and wants a change in approach towards girls and women”.

·         Prime Minister says we should not lower guard against terrorism; says it is a long battle to be fought jointly by the Central Government, State Governments and the citizens.

·         Prime Minister promises to eradicate the very reasons which gave rise to naxalism.

·         Prime Minister warns against climate change and promises “an environmental assessment and monitoring authority to streamline the process of environmental clearances”.

·         Prime Minister acknowledges our younger generation`s higher aspirations and says our institutions should tap our people`s potential.

·         Prime Minister says “our entrepreneurs and business men should not feel constrained in their activities”.

·         Prime Minister urges “we should all stay away from tactics that creates suspicion or apprehension among those connected with industry, business and investment.

·         Prime Minister says our development should not increase inequalities.

·         Prime Minister says we have the collective capacities and the confidence to deal with tensions and conflicts in the society.

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