Haryana youth marry a widow AIDS patient in Himachal


    aids-ribbonNahan: A youth of adjoining Haryana village has set a new example after marrying a widow AIDS patient(25 years) in Paonta Sahib block of district Sirmour in Himachal. Although it is not confirmed but people are saying that this is a first case of its kind when a youth knowingly married with an AIDS patient even the lady was widow.

    The husband of the lady was died due to the AIDS about four years back. Fortunately two daughters of the AIDS patient are HIV –ve.  As per as the information this unique marriage was performed recently on blood donors day. Initially the family of the AIDS patient was reluctant over the marriage but later the family was agreed for the second marriage of the daughter. The worry of the family was correct because the family had already lost their son in law with the disease. According to the information the family did not wanted to hide the case but due to the certain reasons the case was hidden after few days the couple would come out in the  society. Even the family of the boy also encouraged him for this noble cause.

    As per as the further information the detailed report of the case has also been sent to state headquarter of the AIDS control society. Sources said that there was lot of pressure on the both side of the family from the different corner of the society but the family of the bride did not hesitated to accept the AIDS suffering lady as the groom. On the other hand Madan Sharma of SHARADA (non governmental organization) society said that though he was working on AIDS patient since a long time but it could be the first case even in the Northern India. He also said that he participated in this unique marriage with team to witness it. He added that the boy has not hesitation to come in front of the public but the case was hidden due to the certain reasons. Sharma said that the daring boy was also ready to adopt both daughters of the lady. Expert feels that the boy would have to keep  precautions throughout the life during the intercourse.
    Though identity of the both families were yet to come out this was the reason that very few people knows about the unique example of sacrifice of the youth. People feel that if this couple comes out for the awareness to society than AIDS control society of the state could get a brand ambassador. When contacted, District AIDS program officer Dr Sanjay Sharma said that he was surprised when he got this news initially and added that couple should come out to give a message to society.