Halo 4 release date is here: Review


    Halo 4 release date is finally here and its reviews are all praise for it. Meanwhile it has been launched to worldwide audience after a rather very long wait

    Those who are fond of first person shooter games are invariably fond of the Halo series. When it was originally released on the Xbox platform, the game energised Xbox and brought a steady stream of buyers for Microsoft. Now, five years after Halo 3 was released, Microsoft has released the next version of the iconic game. The game is now available in much of the world for $60.

    Halo 4 was created by 343 Industries, after the previous developer Bungie decided to part ways with Microsoft. 343 however keeps true to the basic hard charging mind blowing fighting form of the game. What it adds is an extra layer of story, and if you will, emotions.

    The game resurrects the iconic hero of the first three series, Master Chief, and his Artificial Intelligence companion Cortana. When the game begins with Master Chief who was in Cyrosleep after a halo blast has ripped his fleeing ship into two at the end of part 3 of the Halo series. Cortana his AI companion has been going mad – or self destructing – through over thinking. She can apparently have a thousand arguments with herself at the same time.

    The game replaces the Covenant with the Forerunners as the chief enemies that Master Chief will be fighting against. If you remember, the forerunners were the original creators of the Halos. As the game progresses it is difficult to say who is more human, and who more robotic, as cortana the Artificial Intelligence becomes more emotive, and the machine soldier Master Chief turns into a robotic killing machine.

    The story of the Halo 4 is quite immersive, and the realistic voice acting makes you relate to the characters. The graphics department has got a huge lift, not only is the game shot as if it is being played by real actors, the quality of detail on each of the shot has raised the bar for all games.

    Combat is more strategic, and less grindhouse than the earlier series, though intense kill combats are also still there. There are added weapons and armours to choose from. But the opponents – mostly prometheans that the Forerunners send down – are also very smart and come with their own range of powerful weapons.

    The fight sequences in this game is satisfying beyond the pleasure of killing. The game features 8 missions in the single player mode, and there is also a co-op and multiplayer mode for those who would want to play with a friend, or match talents against another opponent.