Greece referendum 2015: Polls open, what ‘Yes or ‘No’ vote means

Greece referendum 2015: Polls open, what ‘Yes or ‘No’ vote means

Greece referendum 2015: Polls open, what ‘Yes or ‘No’ vote means

Athens: This is a historic referendum and may have long-term repercussions on not just the Greek economy but also on the very future and stability of Euro Zone. While pre-referendum surveys suggested that the opinion was divided almost equally, the whole European Union is awaiting the results with bated breath.

In the meantime long queues are already being formed outside polling booths as people come out to vote in large numbers. The outcome of the referendum will actually decide the nation’s future in the euro zone.

People here are worried as to how the economy will function without the doles and assistance from the European Union if the people emphatically say no.greece polls

What ‘Yes or ‘No’ vote means
A yes vote means that people want to live within the Euro Zone, while a no means that they want to throw out austerity measures being imposed by three top creditors. A no result also means that the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has lost people’s confidence. He will have to resign in such an eventuality.

Meanwhile many pre-poll surveys are being talked about at the moment. The poll by the well-known ALCO institute, that was carried in the Ethnos newspaper on Friday, put the ‘Yes’ camp on 44.8 per cent against 43.4 per cent for the ‘No’ vote. But the lead was well within the pollster’s 3.1 percentage point margin of error, with 11.8 per cent saying they are still undecided.

The results and projections will start pouring at 9 pm local time. Given a volatile public mood and a string of recent election results that ran counter to opinion poll predictions, the result is in effect completely open.

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