Govt-run Media Institute IIMC Snubs 2002 Gujarat Riots Documentary Maker: Update

Govt-run Media Institute IIMC Snubs 2002 Gujarat Riots Documentary Maker: Update

Govt-run Media Institute IIMC Snubs 2002 Gujarat Riots Documentary Maker: Update

New Delhi: Renowned scientist Gauhar Raza was set to deliver a lecture at the top media institute in the Indian capital New Delhi. The lecture was to be held at Indian Institute of Mass Communication better known by its acronym IIMC on April 7.

The preparations were complete and the respected scientist was well-prepared for his presentation. But he was simply stunned when he was told that his lecture at the respected media institute in the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) was cancelled without any reason.

While the IIMC is saying that the lecture was cancelled due to some operational reasons, people think that it is due to some political reasons.
Gauhar Raza is not just a scientist, he is also a renowned human right activist. He has also made a documentary on the 2002 Gujarat riots, at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), has triggered a controversy but the government-run institute maintained that it was due to “purely administrative reason”. When contacted, Raza slammed the premier media institute for being “unprofessional” in its conduct by cancelling his session that was scheduled on April 7.

But he said that he is not sure that the cancellation was due to his documentary. “Even on April 6 evening they called me to arrange my travel for the session. But two hours later, around 8 PM, I got a call saying the session had been cancelled…They were giving evasive reasons for the cancellation. It was very weird, irritating and unprofessional,” he said.

In the meantime the institute said a statement that the cancellation of the inaugural session of the workshop, which was to be addressed by Raza, and the valedictory session on April 7 and 8, was in view of “official pre-occupations’ of Director General Sunit Tandon. “It was not based on any other considerations than the purely administrative reason cited,” it said. The institute said,”It is regrettable that an uncalled for interpretation has been put upon the cancellation of a proposed inaugural function of a workshop on ‘Communicating Science and Bio-diversity’.

The IIM also said that it had intimated the guests well before the programs. It added that the guests invited for both functions were informed that the events had been cancelled due to the aforesaid reason. “It is therefore inaccurate that this was done without giving a reason”. Raza further added that he was to deliver a lecture on how emergence of new data changes old conclusions in Science and was in touch with the authorities of the journalism institute since March 26. “On April 1 I got the formal invite. So I don’t have a formal conclusion on why it was cancelled at the last moment. It doesn’t happen normally and has never happened to me in any national or international workshop,” he said. Raza, a chief scientist at the National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources in the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, was to address Group A officers of the Indian Information Services at IIMC.

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