Google Street View under attack: Miami woman pictured naked in her house


    Google Street View is under attack from many quarters right now. A Miami woman has been pictured naked in her house by Google Street View

    Google Street View is hogging the limelight, but for all the wrong reasons. It captured a woman in nude inside her own home. This is going to generate controversy and put Google Street View under further pressure to be extra careful.

    The woman who was pictured in nude inside her own backyards in Miami, Florida cannot be recognized. But her whole body can be viewed without any clothes on. The photo can be searched by simply googling her address 1760 NW 66th Street, Miami, Florida.

    I am sure in the next couple of hours or a few days Google is going to be faced with another round of legal notices due to this bungling and the woman is certainly going to win a huge sum in compensations.

    As a user-friendly feature, the US-based global IT major has already uploaded street view of about 100 cities in 27 countries world over with a host of information for the benefit of users seeking specific details.

    The company claims that Street view is useful for urban development planners, law enforcement agencies, house-hunters, travellers and diverse users looking for specific information on shops, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc, in a particular street, area or locality.