Google+ redesign goes active on mobile web browsers after desktop


    One week after launching Google+ redesign for desktop, Google has now taken the new design to its mobile web version as well. Redesign for the entire Google’s social media platform was announced back at Google I/O 2013. The mobile web version of G+ has received the new design in the same way its desktop version had it. With around 40 new features, new Google+ interface, photos and pages are looking cool, indeed. Google+ posts now look like “cards” in the stream, making them simple to read, +1 and re-share.

    On its official Google+ page, Google has shared its message as part of the design change. It says that there comes a “quick update for those accessing Google+ from the mobile browser.” Further, it adds that “we’ve also redesigned the Profile and Page experiences to include cover photos, larger tap targets, and much more.” They are indeed among the 41 new features Google announced for its new Google+ page. The redesigned mobile view of the site is now looking wonderful, anyway.

    The design change is realized taking cues from many mobile users that also include those who don’t use Google+. The new design seems to be the result of such a long testing and reviewing. Anyway, it is great to see the G+ pages with a set of new features that include redefined Photo product and Hangouts app. The entire setting has been designed with a goal to make things far smooth and easy for the mobile users of Google+.

    Already, Google+ has 390 million monthly active users over the web and about 190 million members use it directly on the stream. The new stream of the mobile Google+ is really cool as they copy the experience of Android and iOS apps. The biggest change to the Google+ mobile web similar to its desktop version is the way the stream is presented in three columns, which is fully different from the old one’s single column pages.

    As per Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google, the new approach to “feeds” is meant to give better focus to the content. Users can easily grab the content because it has a nice design. Yet, the company is working to tackle all longstanding issues with the feeds. “They’re flat. Other sites let you scroll through posts that have been shared with you. You can’t go through and read on more topics. You can’t go deeper on an interest on topic,” Mr. Gundotra said.

    The current visual overhaul of Google+ is the second one in last couple of years. Indeed, Google has been doing much homework to make the social media site a big success and a stiff threat to Facebook. Well, the new design, especially its photo-related revamps are awesome. Google has introduced a set of image editing facilities to Google+. According to some sources, a new G+ photo editing feature is enough to replace even the need for using the famous graphics tools like Adobe Photoshop.

    According to Mike Isaac of AllThingsD, the new design change of Google+ makes it a lot of like Pinterest, a trending image sharing site. “Three-column design spreads the content — photos, video, etc. — across the whole screen instead of relegating it to the single column Google+ uses today,” he adds. The photos on redesigned Google+ are cool, dynamic and vibrant that they will grab the eyes of users quickly.

    Yet another nice addition to the new Google+ design for mobile web and desktop is the introduction of hashtags as it is in Instagram and Twitter. Well, this feature helps G+ scan your posts and add relevant hashtags, which  connect your postings with Google search results, making your profile more popular in web search engines like Google.