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Another welcome development regarding Google Nexus 7. Reports suggest that webOS has been ported to small Google tablet

Google Nexus 7 has been one of the most important success stories in the tablet market. On its strength Google started challenging Apple, the dominant force in the tablet market and smart-phone. Reports suggest that Google’s small tablet –yes it has launched a very impressive 10 inch tablet Nexus 10 since then –will be sold in around 12-16 million units this year. This is a huge number and though it doesn’t threaten Apple’s dominance in the tablet market, nonetheless it establishes Google very well in the fast expanding tablet market as a major player.

Many people have been trying to experiment with this fascinating product. Now there is a report that webOS was successfully ported to Google’s this very happening tablet. Though many of us may not be very excited about an OS that was presumed to b e dead after HP bought and almost forgot about it. But latest report indicate that the demise may not be complete and there are some signs that it is still alive and though may be very healthy, but there are signs of life in it.

A report in Android Authority says, “The port is still in alpha stages, which means it’s not a usable operating system unless you’re a developer or hacker. More specifically, hardware acceleration does not work yet, which means the system will be laggy. Still, the alpha port has the following working functionalities: Wi-Fi, brightness settings, gestures, and even features the webOS keyboard…The port uses Open webOS, which means the developers won’t have to work from scratch in developing drivers for Android smartphones and tablets.

Nexus 7 is among the most talked about tablets right now. Asus has manufactured the tablet with plastic. The non touch-sensitive bezel of the tablet takes a larger proportion of the display compared to Apple’s iPad and other leading tablets. Anyway, Nexus 7 boasts of good build quality. And thanks to a weight of 340 grams, the tablet is much friendly for portable use. You can easily fit it into to your pocket. So you won’t feel the burden of carrying a tablet with the Nexus 7. Nexus 7 sports a 1280 x 800 pixel display that has 216 pixels per inch. Compared with the first two versions of iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire, Google’s tablet has a better display. But, it falls short to the new iPad, which mounts an advanced Retina Display for high clarity. The tablet doesn’t have a rear camera for capturing images and videos. Google seems to have intentionally skipped the camera as few people use camera of a tablet for taking images and videos. The front facing camera will help you make VoIP calls and video0 conferences. After Apple’s ipad, this is reportedly the highest selling tablet in the market right now.


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    “after Apple Ipad” being the operative phrase. That is a very, very distant 2nd.

    12-16 million units a year? where did you pull that number? They may very well SHIP (sell-in, not sell-out) 12-16 million units at a very small margins for profit, if at all. The new ipad mini may very well be SHIPPING AND SELLING that many units in a quarter with much higher profit margins.