Google Nexus 10 Vs iPad 4: comparing features of tablet giants


    From a search engine to hardware major, the transformation couldn’t have been more sudden and Google Nexus 10 vs iPad 4 features comparison proves it beyond doubt. Google is a serious player in smart-phone and tablets

    Google Nexus 10 is set to be released soon. The big sibling to the Nexus line of Android devices comes from Samsung. The new Nexus 7 32GB is coming from Asus and Nexus 4 handset is from LG. Is Google playing a balancing act among its OEMs? Whatever it is, here we talk about the new Nexus 10 tablet PC. The device is going to be a serious threat to a set of high-end tablets out in stores including the just released iPad 4.

    Apple has brought us the 4th-generation iPad a bit earlier this time. In just nine months after the release of its iPad 3, Apple has introduced the new one with the iPad Mini, which is set to lock horn with the devices like Nexus 7. Of course, the new iPad 4 has better specs and besides all it has a big repute as a top tablet in market. Is Nexus 10 really competitive to iPad 4? Let us check it here in a comparison.

    Display: This is the most important thing with both the tablets. Apple has been showing off Retina display on its new iPads. Well, iPad 3 has been a tablet with the highest screen resolution ever thanks to Retina. The new iPad also has the same 2048 x 1536 and 264-ppi display. But, it falls short to the display of Nexus 10, which is to get an alluring 2560 x 1600 at 300-ppi. It touts 16:9 aspect ratio, compared to new iPad 4’s 4:3.

    Processor: Both the tablets have dual core processors. The Nexus 10 is built with Samsung’s own Exynos processor with a quad-core ARM T604 graphics processing unit. The new iPad, at the same time, is set to get a new A6X CPU, a slight upgrade to the iPhone 5’s much-hyped A6 processor. iPad 4 will also get support of quad-core graphics. The former one is to pack 2GB RAM, while the latter is to mount 1GB RAM.

    Software: The new Google tablet will be running the slightly tweaked Jelly Bean version, Android 4.2. The revamped Android version comes with a set of new features like Photo Sphere for capturing 360-degree panorama images, reworked Google Now voice search app, ability for Multiple User accounts, more personalization and lots more.

    The new iPad will come with iOS 6 out of the box. It is the firmware that runs iPhone 5 and is to appear in iPad Mini. It also has several amazing features like Siri for iPad, better performance and more.

    Storage: The Google tablet is to arrive in two memory options; 16GB and 32GB. The devices will be satisfying the needs of customers, who want less memory and more memory. But, the new iPad 4 is to get a 64GB version also apart from 16GB and 32GB.

    It gives a clear edge to Apple tablet, because users who want much more memory can go for this option. However, it was rumored that Apple would launch a 128GB version for its new iPad. Disappointingly, both the machines don’t have microSD slots for memory expansion.

    Battery: Nexus 10 is to pack a powerful 9000mAh battery that can run the device for up to 9 hours of video watching or 7 hours of web use. Apple iPad 4 is to get far longer battery. Apple reckons to provide up to 10 hours of web and video battery life with its new iPad.

    Network: Nexus 10 does offer dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But, it has no 3G or 4G version. Apple iPad 4, along with Wi-Fi, offers 4G LTE also and it comes in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 4G LTE compo. The device also features dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. The new Nexus tablet touts NFC for Android Beam, built-in GPS and more.

    Price: In the U.K., the new iPad 4 is slated for shipping on Nov. 2. The Wi-Fi-only iPad 4 starts at £399 (16GB) and 32GB comes for £479 and 64GB for £559. The Wi-Fi Cellular models will be respectively priced at £499, £579 and £659. Nexus 10 is to start £319 for the 16GB version and the 32GB version will come for £389.