Google I/O 2013 update: 5 new Google products head-to-head to their rivals


    With the first day of Google I/O ’13 developer conference is over, Google has openly declared unyielding battle against many of its rivals with some impressive new additions. The firm has uncovered many new products, upgrades and services on the starting day of the event that is to wind up on 17th May in San Francisco. Here we check out some new Google features that will outright take alternative products with further intensity and strength. Below you can find the five major Google bombshells deliberately coined up to face up with their competitors on market.

    Google+ Redesign Vs Facebook
    Bringing a total redesign to Google+, Google has taken a brave step to popularize the social network over Facebook, the world’s top social media site ever. Though having millions of members, Google+ hasn’t yet gained toehold in social media space. People are yet to largely use G+ as a platform to socially interact and express their messages. The proposed G+ design change can really bowl over the current dilemma of Google+.

    An innovative multicolumn interface has been introduced for Google+ that will replace its current single column pages in a stylish way. Content will be spread over these columns giving a tile-based interface experience. Google has also introduced hashtags for Google+ so that users can search the Google data sources with simple keys.

    Standalone Hangouts Vs Skype
    Hangouts came to existence as an exclusive video chatting facility with Google+. In a great move, Google is now to expand it as a standalone chatting service, thus taking on Skype and other video chatting tools. It might be a huge improvement that users can install Hangouts in PCs and mobiles and lead video chats with friends and family.

    Google Play Music All Access Vs Soptify
    Google Play Music All Access marks Google’s entry into the subscription-based music services, and it will be a big competitor to Spotify, Rdio and others. The Play Store-based music subscription service lets users subscribe to on-demand music tracks from your PC browser, Google Music Android app or mobile web browsers. Its pricing for a month rests at $9, and unlike Soptify or Rdio, it has no ad-supported tiers.

    Android Play Game Service Vs Apple Game Center
    As it was rumored, Google has come forward with an answer to Apple iOS’ Game Center with its Android Play game service at its I/O 2013. The Android game service includes achievements, matchmaking, cloud saves, and leaderboards that will help users play games online with distant partners and keep scores online. The Google reply to Game Center is likely to run on multiple platforms getting iOS and web apps also.

    Gmail Google Wallet Vs Paypal
    The Gmail Google Wallet crossover has resulted in the birth of yet another amazing Google feature. It is an option to let users send money from his/her Google Wallet to another person over Gmail. There will be a money attachment option (a dollar sign) on the redesigned Gmail so that Wallet users can share and revive money each other. Unless you set up a bank account you will have to make 2.9 percent fee for each transaction. It may be one of the most excited Google I/O features.

    Even dominating the entire web and gadget spaces, Google has no rest to come forth with many more pioneering features, especially aimed at its key rivals. The above Google features are indeed deliberately worked out and made to take on the particular rivals. Google has also introduced many more new upgrades to its other products at the developer event. A redesign to Google Maps is another notable point; it is meant at keeping Google Maps simply superb to beat the growing rivals like Bing Maps, Yahoo Map, Nokia maps, iOS maps and more.