Google I/O 2013: top 5 products showcased during the event


    Google I/O 2013 has been a huge success. Here we take a look at top 5 products showcased during the conference

    Google I/O 2013 has been a massive hit. There has been no other tech conference that has made the same sort of headlines as this Google event and I am sure in the days to come no other company will be able to match it in popularity and confidence.

    The sort of rousing response that Google I/O conference got was sort of limited to just a single company till some two years ago. But now with Apple fading –as amply shown by its falling stock – there is no other company that can equal Google in popularity. More than Apple, it was people’s attraction towards Steve Jobs and the confidence he gave to everyone around him that gave Apple a halo of invincibility. And with him no longer around, the same Apple is fast fading to become just another smart phone maker. Tim Cook or any other Apple executive can never be able to get the sort of affection that they gave to the one and only Steve Jobs.

    Now Google seems to be the centre of people’s attraction, especially for those who seek tech excellence. This is the reason that around 5000 seats were bought within less than an hour. Three years ago it took many days to get these seats filled. And everyone who came paid at least $900. The Google developers conference held at Moscone Center in San Francisco has been a massive success. A lot of new products and upgrades were unveiled in the event, with much of its focus is on the engineers and entrepreneurs who develop apps for the Android and Chrome platforms. But, surely many announcements are also aimed at the consumers across the world, who largely wait for the I/O 2013 to hear about new products from their favourite web partner. Here we take a look at five best products showcased during the event

    Google+ Redesign was an important development of the conference. The Facebook rival is finally getting some good update. Even a few years after its release, Google+ has failed to win a toehold among users, though it has tens or even hundreds of millions of registered members. The new update is to add around 40 new features to Google+, says Google. “Today we’re introducing 41 new features across Google+,” said Vic Gundotra, senior VP of engineering at Google. Interface change is the most outstanding thing with G+. The firm is to add a new multicolumn design that is viable for changes in accordance with the size of the device’s screen. Different from the present single column interface, the multicolumn will surely look fantastic. It will also include more smart dynamic tiles that can turn over to reveal fresh info. The company also plans to use hashtags on posts to help automatically search the entire Google content.

    Google Hangouts update: There will also be a new standalone Google Hangouts for letting people make online conversation a new experience. Some great enhancements to Google+ photos are other major highlights. Users can now customize and edit images in a way that was only possible in Adobe Photoshop or other graphical tools in the past. One such feature will enable Google+ to find the best and finest photos from a bunch, pushing away the blurry ones. The second one is a feature that helps users edit snaps in an awesome way, and so it is called Awesome.

    Google Play for Education is another great feature launched by the search giant. It is yet another welcome announcement from Google at its I/O conference. Google Play for Education for Android tablets and phones is a wonderful student-friendly feature. This custom Play Store won’t just have some apps, but also YouTube education videos and books, said Chris Yerga, engineering director at Google. “It’s built from the ground up to meet the unique needs of educators,” Google said.

    The Google has showcased a new and upgraded Google Maps. A new version of “the next major release” of Google Maps has also been announced. The app for Android and iOS will get some significant changes with the next update. The maps will have a new ability for businesses to “offer” new products or deals to web searchers. This is “a map built for you,” said Google mapper Bernard Seefeld.

    And to top it all Google has launched Samsung Galaxy S4’s Google Edition. The fabled Google Edition of Galaxy S4 has also been announced. The handset, which is specially designed with stock Android version, cutting off the TouchWiz overlay and other Samsung native apps, will go for sales on Google’s store on June 26 for $649. This device has been leaked to web ahead of the Google I/O. “It’s Google’s take on Android, and it feels really awesome on the Galaxy S4,” said Hugo Barra, VP for product management at Android. Well, it may be a best pick for an extreme Android lover.