Google I/O 2013 live stream: Nexus 5, Low Price ChromeBook, Google Chrome Tablet expected


    It is one of the most important gatherings of Android geeks. Google I/O 2013 live stream will be available here. Meanwhile Nexus 5, Low Price ChromeBook, Google Chrome Tablet and many other products are expected to be showcased during the event

    For Google and Android fans across the world, this is the most important event of the year that they wait for months to arrive. When the ticket sale of the event was opened, around five thousand tickets were snapped up in a matter of 49 minutes. It might have amazed some people a few years ago, but not anymore. And every person eager to attend the event is ready to shell out anything to be able to sneak into it. But if you fail to be there online waiting for your chance to book a seat for you within that short time, you cannot make it inside. Every person who got the ticket to be part of the event paid at least $900, except for students who had to pay just $300.

    The event is set to get going anytime now. Despite being a conference for developers, it is also an event in which the web giant showcases its new products, services and upgrades for the year. At this year’s event, we will be lucky enough to get to know about some new Google products. But, Google’s Chrome and Android head Sundar Pichai has forewarned us that this I/O will have its focus on tools for developers, not on devices. “Google’s annual I/O developer event will be heavy on Chrome and light on Android based on the event schedule,” says Gigaom. Still, we have some reasons to expect new hardware products also from the firm. There have been untamed rumors about a fresh Nexus phone as well as a new midsize Nexus 7 tablet for a while. Beyond them, the Google I/O will also bring lots of Android and Chrome updates. Here we talk about some widely expected Android and Chrome products from Google at this year’s developer meet.

    There are several products we would like to see being showcased here and we are almost sure Google will bring into light a brand new Nexus phone at the event. The uncertainty is only over if the device would be a new Nexus 5 or a revamped version of Nexus 4. Most rumors now propose that it would be a refined Nexus 4 from LG. The new features the device will possibly get are 32GB of internal memory, 4G LTE and fresh software. It will be having the stock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean out of the box. Maybe, there will also be a few design overhauls.

    Another most awaited product from Google here is the next Android version. Here too, confusion is hanging around concerning whether it will be a major upgrade or a slight one. Mostly, it is hoped that the software will be Android 4.3, but uncertainty is burning about its codename too. Some think it will just be a follow-up to Jelly Bean, while many think it may be Key Lime Pie.

    Besides there are crazy fans of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet who want to see an upgrade here. The original version of the midrange Google tablet has been a big success. Its second upgrade is now rumored for the I/O event and it is likely to mount a Qualcomm processor, better camera and more. The existing model gets power from Tegra 3 quad core CPU, and if the grapevine can be believed, it will be outfitting a Qualcomm chipset. It might be a welcome switch, giving the tablet more vigor over its strong rivals like Apple iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and others.

    Another important product that may be showcased here is Google Chrome Tablet. As it is rumored, Samsung is likely to produce a device for Google, in an attempt to give extra ground for its Chrome OS, a web-centric operating system that works, relying on web completely. It is surely a wild guess, but still possibilities are there, especially when the Korean tech maker has already made ChromeBooks for Chrome OS. We all know that Chrome OS didn’t do well as it was hoped to do. The main reason is the lack of enough apps, mainly offline apps. As per reports, Google is to surface a whole range of new apps including offline ones for Chrome OS, thus enriching the platform further with more user friendly and useful apps.

    Another product that may win many more admirers for the search giant is a low priced chromebook. The currently available ChromeBooks are priced high. Google is anticipated to bring in a set of low price or mid-price Chrome OS tablets or ChromeBooks. Whether it is a tablet or notebook, the major advantage will be that they will come for prices around $600. We may be able to get to know all these products in the next few hours. So keep visiting this page.