Google Glass apps: top 4 apps under work


    Google Glass apps are going to be in great demand in the days to come. Here we take a look at top 4 apps under work

    Google Glass, the augmented reality (AR) eyewear from the search giant is already in the hands of developers. The process of app development is busy underway. Google is likely to bring about the Glass to public by early 2014; by then there will be any apps for the new interface that is meant to reside just in front of your eyes with a feel of a large 25-inch display. Already many Google Glass apps have started to leak to web and many more are getting imaginary shapes.

    Here we go through some possible Google Glass apps for boosting your experience with the new product and interface. It is anyway too early to speak about the apps for Google Glass. Most developers are yet to allow a peek to their final products, which may only come by the time the Glass will reportedly hit stores for public customers next year. Before heading to the Google Glass apps, let us check what the Glass can do for you.

    Google Glass is simply a heads-on display (HOD) that is capable to do a lot of things for you. It can help you take videos and pics while on the move, get turn-by-turn directions, send and accepts texts, make and receive phone calls, enjoy video via Google+ and more. It will also preload Google Now, an amazing feature that tries to forecast things that you might otherwise search for on web. Using Google Now, you can easily find locations of interest, weather status and a lot more.

    Proposed Google Glass Apps
    InSight: It is a brilliant concept that you can identify someone quickly using his/her pre-taken images among a mass. InSight is a nice app for Google Glass with such a purpose. It works out taking into account the color and patterns in the clothing of a person that you have just met and captured a photo of just a while ago in a crowd. See, InSight can only recognize the person with the same clothes he/she was in while you took the snap. So, it is nice that you can easily find a person in a party, function or a concert after meeting him/her in a few minutes back with the same robes.

    New York Times: Google Glass is also an ideal platform for a wearer to go through the latest news and headlines. Since you have a big “display” in front of your eyes, it is even easily possible to read the latest news stories. A news reader app is one of the first examples that Google showed us as running on its innovative Google Glass. The New York Times app for Google Glass is something that, as you can guess, will bring the latest news stories and headlines flashing in front of you.

    Twitter: A Google Glass Twitter app is recently spotted in the wild. The app, which is still not confirmed by Twitter, is reportedly to let users take short video clips and quick pics, and tweet them quickly. Twitter will thus get more significance in your everyday life.

    Evernote: Well, it is a famous note-taking app for phones and tablets. Its Google Glass version will make things more awesome for the app’s fans. Attached with the Google Glass’ camera, you can now add notes to Evernote along with cool pics as well. It will make Evernote further useful with the combination of camera to the note-taking process.

    As of now, Google Glass is available only for developers and testers for a big price of $1,500. It may take nearly a year, as per Google sources, for the Glass project to go public. Once public, you may buy the Glass for a price that is further inexpensive from stores. Thus everyone can enjoy the augmented reality experience in a wonderful way with Google Glass.