BY | March 3, 2013

Google Glass is hogging limelight across the world. Here we discuss 5 most important features that we would like to have it on Google Glass

Google Glass or Google Project Glass is the most talked about product right now. Though it is still under testing process, thousands and thousands of people are applying to get hold of this gadget that gives you a fairytale type feeling.

Yes, till now there were no products that would feel so new and so handy. As much as we know and have seen of the product we understand that it can accomplish many tasks that required a personal computer or smart-phone or for that matter a tablet so far. The Google Glass will help you and guide you through the day and do many tasks by merely whispering into the glass.

Though it seems still overpriced at $1500, the price will certainly come down when it is launched across the world and its novelty wanes. So far only selected people are being registered to be given the Google Glasses. But Sergey Brin has announced that the glasses will be available in the market before the year end.

Google seems to be working real fast on the project. The glasses that at a point of time looked like any other Google project that don’t get completed, are almost a reality and many people have already use them.

The glasses come with many features that can help make our lives easier. Merely the words, ‘Hello Glass’ seems like magical wand as it activates the glasses and bring them to life. Here we take a look at the features that these glasses will be able to do and help us roam across the seven oceans.

I am sure this feature is going to be on top of Google Glass’ features as it will help us keep tab of our important things. I am sure when it is time for an appointment or something the Google Glass will post the matter on Glass screen forcing us to actually see it. I am sure it will also convey the message by speaking out the reminder too.

Weather forecast is something that will be available on the glasses. You just utter ‘Hello Glass’ and it brings out details about current weather in your neighborhood or anywhere else.

Dictate Texts
This is going to be one of the best features on the Google Glass. You are on the go and want to send an email to your boss or your office or your sweetheart. You just dictate the matter to the glass that types it and send it on your desired e-mail address. Remember this used to happen in Bond movies, but now every Tom, Dick or Harry will be able to do it through these magic glasses.

And then there are maps. But how a glass will be able to show you intricate maps on small screen of the glasses? Can we have an audio mapping service where the map actually guides up through the journey without actually having to watch it? I am sure we are going to get it now.


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