Golden State Warriors easily outsmart Cavaliers: Game 4 NBA Finals scores, highlights, LeBron James injured

Golden State Warriors easily outsmart Cavaliers: Game 4 NBA Finals scores, highlights, LeBron James injured

Golden State Warriors easily outsmart Cavaliers: Game 4 NBA Finals scores, highlights, LeBron James injured

Update: Warriors win 103-82, equal series

Update:Golden State Warriors played like champions in game 4 and made a great comeback of sorts, denying Cavaliers 3-1 lead that they were hoping to get. Almost all the top Golden State Warriors came up with impressive performance. Andre Iguodala scored 22 points in a really great start while Stephen Curry also had 22.

Their performances helped the Golden State Warriors finally tame LeBron James and enable them rather easily beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 103-82 to tie the NBA Finals at 2-2.He must be sorely angry with himself as LeBron James actually went without scoring in the fourth quarter as Golden State pulled away and finished with 20 points, less than half the 41 he had been averaging.

This is looking like one of the most enticing match of the tournament thus far. To be true, this whole series is so much enchanting that people cannot think of even taking a minute off from the match. They will do it at their own risk of losing one of the many exciting turns into the tournament.

Both Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors seem to be doing their best in the Game 4. Cleveland Cavaliers are leading 2-1 in the NBA Finals 2015, nonetheless as so far no team has taken 3-1 lead in the NBA finals’ history, pundits are claiming that Warriors will win the match and square off the series. Nonetheless the way Cleveland Cavaliers are playing in the tournament despite the absence of their top players seem more than just commendable.

Update: LeBron James has again impressed everyone. With already 10 points in the third quarter, LeBron James helped Cleveland cut Golden State’s lead to 76-70 entering the final playoff 2015

From the beginning it were the Warriors who actually led by 15 early in the quarter but Cleveland had it down to three before Stephen Curry made a 3-pointer for the last basket. It was simply very surprising to see Golden State going with small lineup for Game 4 and the Cavs are crushing them inside with a 39-29 rebounding advantage. Center Timofey Mozgov has 21 points and nine rebounds, James has 20 and nine, and Tristan Thompson is at 12 and 12.

Nonetheless the Cavs are putting a lot of pressure on LeBron James and Matthew Dellavedova during the series, with each of them piling up the minutes. Dellavedova was even take to hospital after Game 3 due to the serious cramping and James has a history of cramping up as well.

Many people were worried when LeBron James cut his head while tumbling into a courtside television camera, questions immediately came up about the NBA’s concussion protocol. Reports from the field suggest that James remained in the game after getting the cuts tended to on the bench. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says, ”If he stops bleeding he doesn’t have to come out of the game…It seemed to be a surface cut, he seemed to be fine. He hit a free throw and stayed in the game.”

Update: 10:22 p.m.: Warriors seem to be making an all out effort to equal the series. They are leading 54-42 at halftime, and LeBron James is only on pace to score 20 points thus far. Has he been contained.

Update 10:01 p.m.: Many people are worried about the condition of LeBron James who took a bad tumble in the second quarter, cutting his head as he fell into a camera. James was fouled by Andrew Bogut on a baseline drive and fell backward, with his head hitting a camera.

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