Gill Inaugurates Tennis Stadium


    New Delhi: Dr. M. S. Gill, Union Minister for Youth Affairs & Sports  inaugurated an upgraded R.K. Khanna Tennis Complex here today.   This is the first time that tennis as a medal sport has been introduced in the Commonwealth Games and R.K. Khanna Tennis Complex will be the Venue for Tennis competition for the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games.

    The stadium has been upgraded at a cost of Rs. 65 crore and provides state of the art facilities for the Commonwealth Games. The stadium will have fourteen tennis courts (one Centre Court, one Show Court and 12 Courts). The elements of local architecture with locally available materials such as red sand stone have been used with contemporary modern features to create an aesthetic blend, for the external facade.

    While speaking on the ocassion , Dr Gill said that the Government of India has spent about Rs 65 Crore for renovation and remodelling of this complex and his objective is to expand this facility to make it truly a National centre. He further disclosed that since public money has been spent on this complex , the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports has signed an agreement with All India Tennis Association (AITA) to enable the usage of stadium facilities for the school/colleges .

    The complex has been a tennis playing facility since 1970. For the last international event, ASIAD 82, the Government selected it as a venue for tennis competition. The South block of the Stadium along with infrastructure was built by the Government for ASIAD 82. In the year 1996 the additional stadium was built by All India Tennis Association (AITA) and this along with south block constitutes the built up area of the complex.



    • Total Built up area                    :           11500 sqm.
    • Total cost                                 :           Rs. 65 crore.
    • Field of play                             :           1 Centre Court, No. 1 Court,

    6 match court and practice courts 6 No’s.

    • Space utility of new          :           The stadium now has developed 3 new blocks :

    (i) The Centre Court South Block (which was existing but has been upgraded). This has 4 floors. This has facilities for Athletes, doping control, Umpires, C.G. family and broadcast. The centre court seating capacity is 5200.

    (ii) The No. 1 court: This block has seating capacity for 1000 spectators. This block also has facilities for ball kids, technical officials, athletes and broad casting.

    (iii) The Media Centre: This block is a three storey structure with basement. It houses the facilities for media, reception, Press conference rooms, and international federations.


    Green Building Features

    • Solar Lighting –reducing running costs.
    • Passive Solar Cooling
    • Rain water harvesting


    • Equitable access for most spaces
    • Para-sports facilities
    • 1000 sqm. Spectator’s Plaza
    • CCTV
    • Catwalk lighting for Centre Court and No. 1Court-This glare of the field of play light
    • Synthetic Acrylic Court Surfaces-11 layer system for medium pace. The courts have a subsurface drainage as well, to increase the longevity of the courts.
    • Fire-fighting and Fire Detection systems
    • Dedicated Broadcast Centre
    • Dedicated Press Conference rooms and lounges
    • Dual Grid power supply from BSES