Germanwings co-pilot would have been termed terrorist had he been a Muslim

Germanwings co-pilot would have been termed terrorist had he been a Muslim

Germanwings co-pilot would have been termed terrorist had he been a Muslim 

Almost everyone seems to be talking about Germanwings co-pilot and how he wittingly destroyed the plane. It is being said that he was suffering from depression and had issues with his girlfriend. Had he been a Muslim no one would have been talking about these things, and the whole Muslim community would have been caged by now.

More and more details are coming out about the co-pilot of the ill-fated airplane belonging to Germanwings. All the 150 people onboard the Flight 4U 9525 were killed. Now as the investigation is on, investigators have concluded that Germanwings’ co-pilot of the aircraft Andreas Lubitz might have willingly crashed the plane.

The black boxes of the Flight 4U 9525 have been discovered. And investigators after studying the details have concluded that 27-year old Andreas Lubitz actually locked his captain out of the cockpit and then crashed the plane on the scenic Alps in France.germanwings plane crash

Following the investigators’ report, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls told the media that all the signs were “pointing towards an act that we can`t describe: criminal, crazy, suicidal”.

Now there are evidences that the pilot was suffering from some psychological problems and was under medication too. German prosecutors have come out with proof that Lubitz`s gave them “medical documents that suggest an existing illness and appropriate medical treatment…torn-up and current sick leave notes, among them one covering the day of the crash”.

But there are more reports about his depression issues. A report in the Bild daily talked about the fact that the pilot sought psychiatric help for “a bout of serious depression” way back in the year in 2009 that Lubitz was actually still getting assistance from doctors.

In the meantime another report that throws light on his depression issue is from airline officials. Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr said that Lubitz had suspended his pilot training, which began in 2008, “for a certain period”, before restarting and qualifying for the Airbus A320 in 2013. There were also issues with his private life and a report added that he and his girlfriend were having a serious problem.

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