Germanwings co-pilot took down the plane “deliberately”

Germanwings co-pilot took down the plane “deliberately”

Germanwings co-pilot took down the plane “deliberately”

BERLIN: German Lufthansa Airline said Thursday that the co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings bear full responsibility for the crash last night that resulted in killing all 148 passengers and crew.

In a press conference, Lufthansa chief executive Carsten Spohr said that after inspecting that the plane’s data record with utmost sorrow the plane was “deliberately” taken down.

Spohr added he was “stunned” by the revelations and had “no indication” on the motives of Lubitz.

He added that no security “system in the world” could have prevented the co-pilot’s actions.San Francisco Plane Crash

Spohr said Lubitz had passed all psychological tests required for training and underwent regular physical examinations.

The shocking new information was released as families and friends of victims were travelling to the remote mountainous crash site area, where locals have opened their doors in a show of solidarity with the grieving relatives.

Earlier, two planes arrived in southern France from Barcelona and Duesseldorf with families and friends.

Tents were set up for them near the crash site area to give DNA samples to start the process of identifying the bodies of loved ones, at least 51 of whom were Spaniards and at least 72 Germans.

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