Gender Sensitization workshop may be of immense held for students of Syed Hamid Senior Secondary School (Boys)

Gender Sensitization workshop may be of immense held for students of Syed Hamid Senior Secondary School (Boys)

Gender Sensitization workshop may be of immense held for students of Syed Hamid Senior Secondary School (Boys)

Aligarh: The Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies recently organized a one-day workshop on ‘Gender Sensitization’ at the Syed Hamid Senior Secondary School (Boys). Professor Nikhat Ahmad, Director of the Centre was in the Organizing Committee with Assistant Professors Dr Juhi Gupta and Mr Naveen Kolloju. The Committee also had research scholars and under-graduate students, Ms Samien Kidwai, Ms Deeba Abrar, Mr Karan Jain and Ms Bushra Nageen

After introducing the participants, Dr Juhi Gupta divided them in four teams for the ‘Interactive Session’ of the workshop. Dr Gupta said that the ‘Interactive Session’ became the focal point as there were no lectures in the event.

“The four teams were taken in the session, where they spoke their hearts on gender issues,” said Dr Gupta.

In the first activity of the workshop, ‘Who works?’ participants gave basic information about their families followed by a discussion on the role of women in family households.

“The purpose of this activity was to make participants realize that their mothers and sisters, who are working in their homes without charging anything for their toil are working really hard without acknowledgement,” said Prof Nikhat Ahmad adding that discussions on various issues pertaining to women in contemporary times and the importance of gender sensitization followed in the session.

Dr Juhi Gupta informed that a short documentary, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ showing how boys from a very young age are taught to be tough brave and strong while girls are raised in a different way was screened in the following session. “Later in the session, students and teachers interacted on the issues shown in the documentary,” said Dr Gupta.

Mr Naveen Kolloju, who gave a brief explanation about the common myths related to gender issues said that another activity, ‘Pair Game’, addressing gender stereo types took place in the workshop.

“After the activity, members of the organizing team spoke on gender stereotypes and major concerns, issues and problems followed by a discussion between students and committee members,” said Mr Kolloju. Dr Gupta later summed up the activity by relating certain situations with the lives of the students in a subtle way.

The organizing committee members further confirmed that an activity titled, ‘Lived Experiences: Problems of Women Around Us’ followed next in which charts were circulated to the participating teams asking them to identify major problems faced by women.

The members said that the activity highlighted the reasons of the problems faced by women. “Later the teams discussed practical solutions to resolve these problems,” said the committee members.

“This activity gave an opportunity to the participants to understand in a comprehensive manner, some of the problems that women face in society,” added the committee members.

The workshop later had a screening of Vikas Bahl’s short film, ‘Going Home’, which showed a seemingly unrealistic safe environment for girls in a utopian world. “The idea of the screening this film was to see the reactions from the participating students,” said the Organizing Committee members adding that there reactions were appreciable with many giving examples and anecdotes from their lives in support of their answers.

Dr Md Ilyas appreciated the efforts of the Organizing Committee for conducting a workshop and students for their participation.

Meanwhile, the participants reported that the workshop had helped them to change their perception about women. They left the event promising to re-evaluate their behaviours.

Prof Nikhat Ahmad proposed the vote of thanks to Major S M Mustafa (retd), Principal, Syed Hamid Senior Secondary School (Boys) for the kind co-operation in conducting the programme. Prof Ahmad also thanked Dr Md Ilyas, Dr Shahzad Ahmad Siddiqui and the rest of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school.

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