Game 5 of NBA Finals 2015 to be played in Oakland: Golden State Warriors vs Cavs in Game 4, scores, highlights

Game 5 of NBA Finals 2015 to be played in Oakland: Golden State Warriors vs Cavs in Game 4, scores, highlights

Game 5 of NBA Finals 2015 to be played in Oakland: Golden State Warriors vs Cavs in Game 4, scores, highlights

CLEVELAND – As expected, the game turned out to be as enticing as it was being predicted. Game 4 of the NBA Finals 2015 was bagged by Golden State Warriors who beat the Cavaliers rather easily.

There is no denying the fact that had the Warriors lost the fourth game –it would have been their third loss in a row – it would have allowed Cavaliers to get an almost unassailable lead in the tournament. It would have also made a sort of history. Till now not a single team has been able to take such lead as far as the NBA finals series is concerned.

Golden State Warriors came back from 2-1 to level the series 2-2. Now the Game 5 of NBA Finals 2015 will go to Oakland on Sunday night. Game 4’s final score was 103-82 that saw the Warriors to make a heroic comeback into the 2015

Analysts had said that whoever will be able to take early lead will do well in the game 4. But they were proved wrong as it was Cavaliers and not Warriors who took the early lead. Despite taking the lead very early, their defense was not as solid as it had been in the last few games, allowing the Warriors to take a lead as big as 9 towards the end of the quarter. The quarter ended 31-24 in the Warriors favor.

The Golden State Warriors’ charge was taken by Andre Iguodala and Steph Curry who actually led the visitors with 22 points apiece as the Warriors fashioned a 15-point lead in the second quarter and managed to keep the Cavaliers in the deficit the rest of the way.Golden State Warriors destroy Cavs in Game 4 NBA Finals: Scores and video highlights

But the most important tactic of the Warriors was their taming of LeBron James. He never felt to be effective last night as Cavaliers faced immense difficulty in finding an offensive flow. The Warriors connected and communicated much better than the Cavaliers.

In the meantime LeBron James team must be feeling worried about James’ head injury. LeBron James took a foul in the mid-second quarter, hitting his head on a camera near the sidelines as he slid out of bounds. His head was bleeding for a few minutes, but after trainers assisted him, he came right back to the game.

The good thing for the Warriors was the fact that the top two Cavaliers players who have played so well throughout the tournament looked lost last night. LeBron, who had 123 points through Game 3, and Matthew Dellavedova, who had 20 points in Game 3, both struggled to make enough plays offensively throughout the game.
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