Game 3 NBA Finals 2015 highlights, score: Cavaliers vs Warriors video highlights

Game 3 NBA Finals 2015 highlights, score: Cavaliers vs Warriors video highlights

Game 3 NBA Finals 2015 highlights, score: Cavaliers vs Warriors video highlights,  

Cleveland Cavaliers’ scintillating performance in NBA Finals 2015 seems to have stunned almost everyone. No one thought that in the absence of two top players, the team will be able to perform in such an impressive fashion. Notwithstanding the fact that all the three matches were rather very close, Cleveland Cavaliers were able to hold their nerves and win the two very important matches.

But all the heroics and the great words that the team is getting from fans and critics is due to presence and supremely great performance by none other than LeBron James. Without him this same side would have been completely eclipsed by Tampa Bay Warriors. His performance in the last three games of the NBA Finals 2015 has been so impressive and so overwhelming that even his staunch critics are turning out to be his great fans.

In the meantime through his mesmerizing performances throughout the NBA Finals he has set a points record that will be very hard to break in the years to come. With yesterday’s performance LeBron James has set points record. To be true, the 40 points that James scored in his side’s 96-91 victory brought his three-game total to 123 points. This is the highest figure playoff 2015

A Bleacher Report while talking about LeBron James performance says, “James has been an absolute beast in this series. In Game 1, he scored 44 points while adding eight rebounds and six assists. In Game 2, he notched a triple-double (39 points, 16 rebounds, 11 assists) and played 50 minutes in the overtime contest. It was one of the truly memorable performances in NBA Finals history”.

Now the NBA Finals 2015 has entered its most crucial stage. It is needless to say that the fans were simply mesmerized by the impeccable performance of James. Pushed by a crowd howling to see Cleveland’s 51-year title drought end, James scored 40 points, his new sidekick Matthew Dellavedova went on to add 20. There was scare in between as the Cavaliers survived Golden State’s furious fourth-quarter comeback led by Stephen Curry for a 96-91 win over the Warriors. Now the Warriors need to work out on their strategy. They are 1-2 down and a lone win for Cavaliers will almost destroy their chances in the all important finals.

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