Game 2 score, highlights: Cavaliers beat Warriors in NBA Finals 2015 after a tough fight

Game 2 score, highlights: Cavaliers beat Warriors in NBA Finals 2015 after a tough fight

Game 2 score, highlights: Cavaliers beat Warriors in NBA Finals 2015 after a tough fight

This was a fiercely fought match. Both sides were determined to win it and left no stone unturned to win this crucial match. Had Golden State Warriors won the match they would have got a 2-0 lead over their opponents whom they had beaten in the Game 1 of NBA Finals 2015.

But no matter how hard they tried, Golden State Warriors faced a single stumbling block in their quest for victory, LeBron James.

There is no denying the fact that the Warriors players must be finding him the most hateful person in the world as he is the only one who is standing between them and the victory in the NBA Finals 2015. Both the teams looked very impressive and despite Warriors doing better early in the game, the Cavaliers actually caught up firmly before the end of the first quarter and from then onwards it was like a cat and mouse game.

After the historic win everyone seems to be all praise for the star player. Cavs general manager David Griffin was while talking about LeBron James said, “It’s hard to imagine that our team is David and anyone is Goliath when Goliath is on our team…It’s really hard to say too much of ‘We’re the underdog’ when you have a player of that nature. But it’s pretty clear our guys have a found a way to rally around each other”.

There is no denying the fact that for this great win, the credit must go to Cleveland who quickly rebounded from its disappointing end to the fourth quarter by jumping out to a 92-87 lead in overtime. The Cavs offense went cold, though, allowing Golden State to take a 93-92 lead after two free throws from Stephen Curry with 29.5 seconds remaining. The final win looks incredible as when everything looked lost, Harrison Barnes fouled Matthew Dellavedova following an offensive rebound, which put the Cavs point guard on the line for two shots with 10.1 seconds left in overtime. He knocked down both, and that proved to be enough, as Curry air-balled a jumper on Golden State’s next possession. The Warriors then turned the ball over following a free throw from James to end the game.

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