Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5; ten features in S4 that beat iPhone 5


    Both come from great companies and with great specs. But which one is better in Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5 comparison. Here we discuss ten features in S4 that beat iPhone 5

    The brawl in smartphone market is further intense today. Things are not much good for Apple iPhone 5. Until the Cupertino tech maker releases its next major iPhone upgrade, which may not happen until Q3, Apple will find it hard to subsist in market. All its major Android rivals are giant machines with awe-inspiring specs and features under the hood. Galaxy S series has been the biggest rival to iPhone ever. This Samsung flagship lineup touts a modern Galaxy S4 upgrade to lock horns with the current iPhone. Here we check ten points where the S4 has edge over iPhone 5.

    FullHD 1080p Screen and HD Video Support: Basically, the Galaxy S4 is a FullHD phone and so it supports FullHD in every ground – play and recording. This is not possible with the iPhone 5 and even the next iPhone variant is also expected to miss out this brilliant feature.

    Larger Screen: In line with the current trends in mobile market, Samsung has designed its new flagship phone with a 5-inch screen, making it more a phablet than a smartphone. Apple iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen, and its projected next version is also not to carry a larger display.

    Built-in Infrared Blaster: Galaxy S4 shows off built-in infrared blaster that will let users make the device as a universal remote to control TVs. The device also features a special app that lets you pull in data from your cable or satellite provider and can bring your favorite programs.

    Near Field Communication: It is yet another great attribute that you can’t see on an iPhone variant anytime soon. The NFC support is meant to let you talk to other devices as well as share data with nearby handsets. The feature also helps users make mobile payments at checkouts and swap content such as images between phones quickly and faster.

    Replaceable Battery: Perhaps, it is one of the terrible things that new iPhone lacks. Galaxy S4 like most of Android devices features replaceable battery so that users can swap batteries if they are running on low power.

    Group Play: This is a Wi-Fi based inter-device content sharing app. Using the app, you can share pics, play games and stream songs with other Galaxy S4 devices in the wireless network area.

    Smart Stay: It has been one of the much-touted Galaxy S4 attributes. It is meant to keep the device’s display active and dormant based on the automatic detection of your eye moves. The app detects your eye moves with its front facing camera and dims the device’s light if you are looking away from the screen. When you refocus, the device will light up.

    Smart Camera App: The Galaxy S4’s camera app is something amazing. It is up with a lot of neat tricks. Users can automatically rub out a fuzzy figure from the background. You can also make your own animated GIFs.

    MicroSD Slot: Apple has always been against the idea of adding microSD slot in its devices for extra memory. The company used to provide better internal memory averting the need for a microSD slot for further memory. But the new Galaxy S4, which is available with the same internal memory options like the iPhone 5 say 16GB, 32GB and 64GB also features microSD slot for further memory expansion.

    MicroUSB Port: Apple management has also been against microUSB port. The tech world would still remember the Apple founder’s Steve Jobs’ stand against microUSB ports. Instead of microUSB, Apple recently added a special Lightning port, which is nice, of course. But, using a standard micro USB plus to charge the device as well as to connect with the computer is more easy and better.


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