Galaxy S4 Nexus Vs Galaxy S4; how the Google Edition S4 is different


    Instead of launching an upgrade to its Nexus series as usual, Google has surprised analysts by adding a Samsung Galaxy S4 variant to its Nexus line at the I/O 2013. What things make the Galaxy S4 Nexus stand different from its standard version? Here we check out the major features of the device and the aspects that put the S4 Nexus different from its original variant. Stick on with us to get a clear idea about the Galaxy S4 Google Edition, which is likely to go for sales in the U.S. and other markets soon.

    Stock Android Version
    This is the most outstanding thing. The Galaxy S4 Nexus is actually meant for the diehard admirers of Android, i.e. the pure Android. Most of the Android makers in the world, thanks to the freedom granted by Google, add own tweaks to the interface and apps of their Android products. Every tech maker thus has an own user interface for their products, which we have in TouchWiz UI for the South Korean tech giant’s devices.

    Every product from Samsung including the Galaxy S4 comes with this TouchWiz overlay, meaning that it will have a customized home screen and a lot of native apps. To have a stock Android version onboard means that the gadget won’t have TouchWiz or related apps, signifying that you will be able to enjoy the original Android experience.

    It is not anyway a claim that the TouchWiz or other UIs are not good. But, some people don’t prefer the manufacturer UIs to the stock UIs. This is why Google is often pressurized by masses to launch quality Nexus devices. Well, a Galaxy S4 with the stock Android suggests that it won’t run Samsung’s much-touted additional capabilities like Smart Stay, Smart Rotate, Air Gestures and more.

    Storage Capacity
    Another major area where the Galaxy S4 Google Edition stays different from its original is in internal storage. The standard S4 is available for grabs in three popular memory options; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. It is when the Galaxy S4 Nexus only has limited 16GB memory onboard. Both the devices tout microSD slots, giving an edge for the S4 Nexus over the LG-made Nexus 4, which was largely complained for its lack of microSD slot. In fact, Google has been skipping card slot on its older Nexus phones.

    Though lacking internal memory, the available 16GB is totally accessible to users. Unlike the 16GB variant of Galaxy S4, which has a lot of native apps to devour the storage capacity, users can consume almost the entire memory of the S4 Nexus.

    The Same Power, Display, Camera and More
    The Galaxy S4 Nexus has the same awesome specs of its original variant. It is not anyway a toned-down variant of the outstanding Samsung phone. The same specs are seen inside the Google Galaxy S4 also; thus it is getting a 5-inch 1080 x 1920 Super AMOLED display with a 441-ppi pixel density. It is powered by a 1.9GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. The camera is the same 13MP sensor and batter is a 2600mAh one.

    Price and Availability
    Being a Google handset, the Galaxy S4 Nexus will be available from Play Store. The company is to feature the gadget in Play Store from June 26th in the U.S. for a price of $649. It is the same price that Galaxy S4 original has without contract. The S4 has already hit many stores with amazing response. So far, Samsung has sold out more than 6 million units of the device in two weeks after its release. Hopefully, the Galaxy S4 Google Edition will also get excited sales in the country.