BY | March 14, 2013

Both are set to be great gadgets. Galaxy Note 8 Vs iPad Mini 2 specs and features comparison is very natural

The new midsize tablet from Samsung the Galaxy Note 8 has been meant as a direct rival to Apple iPad Mini. The smaller iPad has been in stores since last October and, of course, the Note 8 can bang it in many aspects. What about a new upgrade to the device? A next generation iPad Mini is largely awaited, which can be a further intensified rival to the Note 8. As per some sources, the new iPad mini would likely turn up in April 2013. Whatever it is, specs of the device have been largely predicted and we take those details to compare the next iPad Mini 2 with the Note 8.

Processor: It is has been quite irritating that Apple used an incompetent 1GHz dual core Cortex-A9 processor and 512MB of RAM inside iPad Mini original. These specs are much scanty when compared to the Note 8’s 1.6GHz quad core Cortex A-9 processor with Exynos 4412, 2GB of RAM and more. But, there is wisdom in expecting for a further strong processor onboard the new iPad Mini 2. It may get more powerful A5X or A6 chipset inside a better processor and at least 1GB of RAM, of course.

Display Screen: The biggest criticism against the original iPad Mini is its feeble 768 x 1024 pixel display. It also has meager pixel density of just 162-ppi pixel. Of course, it misses Apple’s famous Retina display, which the company might bring to its second edition as a result of huge demand from customers.

So, with Retina display, the device may have a better pixel per density and great clarity. “Since the mini is much smaller, it means even more pixels can be cramped into every inch; the mini 2 is said to have a crisp 324 ppi density,” says Tech Radar. Thus, it can beat the Note 8 that has an 8-inch display with 800 x 1280 pixels at 189-ppi.

Form Factor: When it comes to the form, the iPad Mini original is already slimmer and lighter than the Galaxy Note 8. It has a body of just 7.2 mm slimness and weight of mere 312 grams, when the Note 8 is up with an 8mm body that weighs at 338 grams. Indeed, the new iPad mini will be far thinner and lighter and it will have a rather cool design. Thus, it can be a cutthroat fighter against the Galaxy Note 8.

Camera: There is actually no much sense in having a quality rear camera on a tablet. Only few people use the rear cameras of tablets for taking snaps and videos. Instead, it is highly important to have a good front camera as it is for video chatting. Both the iPad Mini original and Note 8 tout 5MP rear cameras and moderate front cameras. Obviously, we can expect the same 5MP camera on iPad mini 2 and it will also have a nice front camera for video chatting.

Software: If iPad mini 2 turns up in April or May, as some rumor mills said, it will roll out with the same iOS 6.1.2 version, the up-to-date edition. Apple used to bring in new versions of its mobile operating system at its Worldwide Developer Conference, which takes place in June every year. But, if the device comes in October or sometime later this year, it might be featuring the new iOS 7 out of the box.

In case of Note 8, it is to highlight Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean under the cover. This is the latest version of the Google mobile OS that is available for the regular Android gadgets. It may soon get the new Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and so it can well compete with the firmware of iPad mini 2.


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