Free Windows 10 Upgrade: Who qualifies for the upgrade, latest update

Free Windows 10 Upgrade: Who qualifies for the upgrade, latest update

Free Windows 10 Upgrade: Who qualifies for the upgrade, latest update

Several months have passed since the Redmond based tech giant started allowing people download its extremely futuristic operating system. Now it is clear that Microsoft didn’t fool anybody and didn’t lure any one into paying for the upgrade. The upgrade was free and the company stuck to its policy in a very transparent way.

The Redmond based Microsoft has said that its latest operating system has been adopted by more than 200 million people across the world. Most of these people have got the update thanks to Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer or purchased devices that are now running the operating system.

It must be accepted that 200 million downloads is simply huge but given the Microsoft objective of getting 1 billion downloads, a lot needs to be done. It must be kept in mind that the Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer definitely helped in that. So too did positive reviews of the operating system in general.

windows-10 menuIf you havent got your hands at the Windows 10 for your machine, there are chances that you qualify for the new and certainly great operating system for your expensive machines. If you’re a person that has a notebook, desktop running a fairly recently version of Windows, Microsoft’s wants you to upgrade. Available operating systems hasn’t changed either, Windows 10 is available free for users at home that have Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 installed on their notebook, desktop or tablet. The upgrade offer still doesn’t apply to devices that came with Windows XP or Windows Vista installed.

When it comes to functioning the new operating system is much more improved than the previous version(s). One important upgrade is the fact that now the Task View button lets you see every app that you have open and create multiple desktops if you’re not in Tablet Mode. Cortana, the personal assistant from Windows Phone, is integrated directly into Windows 10. Microsoft has unified its different stores, giving you one place to shop for music, movies, TV shows, apps and games. Xbox Live’s multiplayer, Xbox Live Achievements and Xbox Live social networking are all built-into Windows 10.

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