Frank Gifford funeral, Cassidy Gifford dad tribute and foundation plans: Update

Frank Gifford funeral, Cassidy Gifford dad tribute and foundation plans: Update

Frank Gifford funeral, Cassidy Gifford dad tribute and foundation plans: Update

Frank Gifford’s family is making arrangements to establish a foundation in his honor. They want his name to live long after his death and inspire other people for decades and decades to come.

It is a week now when he suddenly passed away. He looked healthy and no cause of death has been released about his death as yet. He was 84 when he passed away and his wife Kathie Lee Gifford told the world that he lived a life as he wanted and instead of mourning we should celebrate the life that was well spent.

The two spent close to three decades as a happy couple. They were married in the year 1986 despite the fact that they had fallen in love a few years ago. Notwithstanding the huge age difference –his children from his first wife are almost of the same age as Kathie –and despite many a scandals rocking their marriage, Kathie believed him and stood by his side.

frank giffordThere is no denying the fact that Frank Gifford was one of the biggest names of the NFL. He played with the New York Giants from 1952- 1964, and he assisted his side to five NFL championship games and was voted the league’s MVP before his No. 16 Giants jersey was retired and he was inducted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1977.

There are clear indications that the family wants to establish a foundation in his memory. A RadarOnline report quoting a family insider says, “The Giffords are going to set up a foundation in his honor that will be called the Frank Gifford Foundation.” There are reports that suggest that the footballer and sportscaster was also a big time philanthropist and he did substantial philanthropy work outside of the world of sports.

Despite the fact that he never talked of his such works, there are many deeds that the world seems to have come to know. In the year 1985, Gifford was the chairman the Multiple Sclerosis Society of New York, which established a $100,000 grant for research in his name.

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