Frank Gifford cause of death: Kathie Lee Gifford of Today Show despite divorce rumors remained with him

Frank Gifford cause of death: Kathie Lee Gifford of Today Show despite divorce rumors remained with him

Frank Gifford cause of death: Kathie Lee Gifford of Today Show despite divorce rumors remained with him till his final moments

He was eighty-four when he breathed his last. But his age didn’t had any impact on him being the poster boy of the New York Giants. Despite the Giants having many top of the line players who went on to become icons over the course of decades, Frank Gifford continued to be the most visible face of the Giants.


By the way it was not a couple of years ago when he stopped playing. No. it was more than half a century ago when he said goodbye to football and hung his boat. The presence of iconic players like Eli Manning and Michael Strahan didn’t diminish his stature and standing in the team, despite not beign part of it. Despite the fact that his active playing career ended a long time ago, whenever someone talked of the game and New York Giants’ achievements were discussed Frank Gifford’s name would certainly appear.frank gifford


There is no denying the fact that he was the NFL’s first glamour boy: He was the league MVP in 1956 and was supremely popular with women. I must add one thing that women were fond of him till very late in his life. He was certainly very lucky as far as this aspect is concerned.


A report while talking about his personality says, “His handsome face landed him on magazine covers, and he fit right in on the big screen in Hollywood, on television in New York doing local sports on WCBS while he was still playing, and then he hit it big in a phenomenal 27-year run in the Monday Night Football booth, first doing play-by play sitting beside Howard Cosell and Dandy Don Meredith and then as an analyst with Al Michaels handling the play-by-play”.


When he played for his team he used to fit in almost every place. A running back, defensive back, wide receiver and special teams player in his career, Gifford was the NFL’s MVP in 1956. He went to the Pro Bowl at three positions and was the centerpiece of a Giants offense that went to five NFL title games in the 1950s and ’60s.


Then he stormed the world of television and never looked back. Beginning in 1971, he worked for ABC’s “Monday Night Football,” at first as a play-by-play announcer and then as an analyst. If that was not enough he continued to hog limelight through his marriage to Kathie Lee Gifford, who famously called him a “human love machine” and “lamb-chop” to her millions of viewers.


There is no denying the fact that Kathie is one of the most recognized television faces in the US. She married Gifford in 1986 after her divorce from Johnson in 1983. Even at that time she was a well-known TV presenter. At the time of her marriage she was several months into her most famous television role, as a full-time morning talk show personality. On June 24, 1985, she replaced Ann Abernathy as co-host of The Morning Show on WABC-TV with Regis Philbin. She has appeared in advertisement campaign of many products, mostly dietary products. The couple have two children together including Cody Newton Gifford and Cassidy Erin Gifford.

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