Four-day Int. Conference ‘Aligarh Nano-V and STEM CON-16’ conducted

Four-day Int. Conference ‘Aligarh Nano-V and STEM CON-16’ conducted

Four-day Int. Conference ‘Aligarh Nano-V and STEM CON-16’ conducted

Aligarh: The Centre of Excellence in Material Science (Nanomaterials), Department of Applied Physics, Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology today inaugurated the ‘Aligarh Nano-V and STEM CON-16’, a four-day International Conference on Nanotechnology and STEM-ER at the J N Medical College Auditorium.

This Conference is co-sponsored by AMU STEM Education and Research Centre under Indo-US collaborative 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Award, Ministry of Ayush, DRDO, Dawakhana and Department of Saidla, CSIR-CEERI PILANI, CST (UP), DST- PURSE-II, TEQIP-II, ICMR and ICAR.

The Chief Guest to the Conference, Professor William Brustein, Vice Provost, Ohio State University (OSU), USA said that scientists are now turning to nanotechnology in attempts to explore new possibilities and it is wonderful that AMU has taken a lead in the field.

Professor Brustein said that OSU is deep rooted in India. “In 1950s, OSU collaborated with Punjab University in agricultural development; in the 1960s, OSU was engaged in the establishment of IIT Kanpur, OSU has been in collaboration with the AIIMS in Delhi and the state of Rajasthan in solar energy projects and now we have a big collaboration with AMU,” said Prof Brustein.

He also said that the OSU-AMU collaboration will take this idea to other universities and countries as the need of STEM educators is paramount.

While delivering the keynote address, AMU alumni, Prof Ashok Kumar, Director, Samprash Food, Aligarh said that human beings are slowly understanding, how nature utilizes Nanotechnology. “Nanotechnology finds a relevance in flowers utilizing water in purest form and lizards crawling on the wall with the help of nano structures, and we are now learning how it works,” added Prof Kumar.

He added that today we need to focus on transitional knowledge and research in the acquisition of concepts and create incubation centres, where such ideas and thoughts reach people.

Prof Kumar pointed out that every researcher’s and university professor’s work is a product in itself and they should be allowed to explore with their work in commercial means. He stated that by doing this, the university teachers and researchers can generate money and donate it to their educational institutions.

AMU Vice Chancellor, Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah (retd) in his presidential address said that from the discovery of fire to the invention of aircrafts, several revolutions have changed the world and now AMU can make a difference with the work on Nanotechnology.

He said that AMU has to grasp everything in Nanotechnology and science to contribute significant changes in the country and the world in ways of bringing a new green revolution, controlling pollution and stopping further degradation of the planet among, numerous other possibilities.

The Vice Chancellor said that Nanotechnology will immortalize man and AMU will have a big role in this change.

The Vice Chancellor also released a souvenir of the Conference during the programme.

AMU Pro-Vice Chancellor, Brigadier S Ahmad Ali said that transistors in the 1960s changed the world, lasers brought revolution in the 80s and now scientists are looking forward to developments in Nanotechnology. He added that the scientists today need a deep interest, a fertile imagination and creativity to turn their ideas into reality.

The Pro Vice Chancellor said that AMU is fortunate to take a lead in Nanotechnology and now let us imagine a world where our health problems, food problems, environmental issues and security problems, along with many other things, will be solved through Nanotechnology.

He pointed out that however like the other technologies, there will be negative fallouts of Nanotechnology too and we will need to be patient to get rid of these problems.

Prof Sultana N Nahar from OSU read out the message of Nobel Prize Winner, Prof Ahmed H Zewail. She said that Prof Zewail has wished to congratulate AMU for the Conference. In the message, Prof Zewail has pointed out that AMU has taken a lead in the Nanotechnology work at a time, when the impact of this technology is increasing.

Prof Sultana said that the OSU-AMU programme will give equal opportunities on research and education. She pointed out that so far four AMU students namely Malik Azeem, Nida Rehmani, Hala and Asim Rizvi have been successfully attending the programme. She added that selections of more AMU students to attend the programme are under way.

Talking about the outreach of the programme, Prof Nahar said that this will lead to Indo-US STEM-ER consortium of universities further enhancing the globalization of STEM-ER programme.

Making a presentation of OSU-AMU STEM programme, Prof Anil Pradhan from OSU said that the programme is targeted to produce a world class Science and Technology Research faculty at higher educational institutes in India.

He added that for this purpose, we have designed a dual two-year Phd+M.Ed. programme, in which no brain drain takes place. He pointed out that selected students for the programme will come back to teach in India and maintain strong ties with OSU.

Prof Karen Irving of OSU said that the Masters in Education and PhD programmes under the OSU-AMU collaboration will bring Memorandums of Understanding with many other universities too. The programme will strike a balance between education and STEM opportunities.

She added that the programme will create world class faculty with multidisciplinary natural science education in courses of physics, chemistry, mathematics and molecular biology and other sciences.

While giving the conference background, Prof Alim H Naqvi, Convener of the Conference said this International Conference will be devoted to Nanotechnology and its applications, recent advances and methods to improve the teaching and research standards in STEM subjects in universities of India and other developing countries.

He pointed out that the Centre of Excellence in Materials Science (Nanomaterials) at AMU supported by Council of Science and Technology (CST), Uttar Pradesh is a leading national centre for Nanotechnology research with several patents (published) and awards to its credit.

Prof Ameer Azam, Convener of the Conference and Chairman of the Department of Applied Physics delivered the welcome address to the guests and brief about the Department of Applied Physics in AMU.

He said that the faculty members of the Department have supervised more than 40 students of M. Tech. and Advanced PG Diploma in Nanotechnology dissertations.

“Realizing the importance of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, the Department started offering an open elective paper on Nanophysics and Nanotechnology in 2003-2004. Striding further in the direction of promoting teaching and research in the area of Nanotechnology, the Department started running new Post Graduate Courses,” said Prof Azam.

Dr S S Z Ashraf, Joint Organizing Secretary; Dr Braj Raj Singh, Joint Organizing Secretary; Dr Azra Parveen, Joint Organizing Secretary; Dr S Asad Ali, Joint Organizing Secretary, Dr Zafrul Hasan, Joint Organizing Secretary and Prof Asadullah Khan were also present on the occasion.

Dr Wasi Khan, Department of Applied Physics gave introductions of the guests to the gathering attending the Inaugural Function.

Dr Shakeel Khan, Department of Applied Physics proposed the vote of thanks.

Ms Swalihah Naseem and Ms Farheen conducted the programme.

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