BY | May 3, 2013

It couldn’t get more interesting. Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero fight will see a changed Jr. Result, time, video will be available here as the match progresses

It is going to be a very interesting fight. But even days before Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero fight, things seem to have become very interesting for Mayweather and boxing fans across the world. For more than a decade this man in his mid thirties has been known as abusive, aggressive and even went to prison for beating his wife. He spend around forty days behind bars. He was also known to have abused his father and even went on to throw him out of his team, his gym and then his house and went on to take back gifts that he had given to him. For a father this must have been a very tough period.

But now it seems that the time, Floyd Mayweather Jr spent behind high prison walls spent contemplating what he had been doing in his real life and now when he is out of the prison after completing his prison term with exemplary conduct, he is a changed man altogether.

Robert Guerrero’s father who shared the dais with Floyd  Mayweather Jr attacked him badly and called him named even going to the extent of woman beater. But amazingly instead of responding him in the same way, he refrained and even didn’t mention what Robert’s father had said before so many people just minutes ago.

Mayweather in turn didn’t talk about the abusive language his opponent’s father said about him and instead said he said a prayer for him and said he will keep calm even in the eye of provocation. Later he added, “When I was young you saw the wild Floyd Mayweather…I’m a lot older now. My kids are teenagers. I can’t be conducting myself in a disorderly fashion. It’s OK to trash talk sometimes to give the people excitement. But there’s a time and a place for everything”.

This was an absolutely different Mayweather. We never expected it from him. He has changed for the good. For his father whom he had kicked out of his house he said “My dad is sick. If I never made a bond with my father and he’s sick and something harsh happened . . . it would hurt me not speaking to him…It would hurt me very, very bad for him not to have a relationship with his grandchildren. That’s very, very important to me. I have to be the bigger person. Why are you and me arguing when we both are in the sport to be the best? Why not work together?” it is amazing to see him speaking like a sage.

And readers will be very amazed to know that he kept cool despite very insulting words from Ruben Guerrero. Ruben Guerrero said, “My son’s blessed, I’m blessed, no matter what I am…I am what I am, and I’m the real deal. And I don’t talk shit, I back it up. I back it up, baby! We’re gonna beat up that woman beater. The one that beat up his wife, man. His wife in front of his kids! You guys like that shit? You like this guy? Woman beater! He must have learned that from his dad! Woman beater, baby! We’re gonna beat that woman beater! See how he’s gonna like it. He’s gonna get it from a real man!”. Man keeping cool despite such insulting words is the real manliness.


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