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Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Canelo Alvarez fight is generating the sort of enthusiasm that was not seen so long before the beginning of the fight. The best thing about the fight is the fact that both of them are in great form and come in the fight without any defeat. The two come to the fight unbeaten and the biggest charm of the fight will be to know as to who is actually beaten here. Both the fighters cannot remain unbeaten after the fight. But stakes are far too high for Floyd Mayweather Jr, the best pound for pound boxer of our time who is also called Money for his potential to earn big time money.

Reports suggest that Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero fight brought unprecedented riches to the biggest boxer of the last two decades. The fight that gave Gurrero some six million dollars actually brought as much as fifty million dollars to Mayweather Jr. If everything goes well, his proceeds from the next fight against Canelo Alvarez will be higher than this amount.

To be true many are calling the choice of Canelo Alvarez as something suicidal for Mayweather Jr. many say that instead of going for a menacing boxer like Canelo Alvarez he should have gone for a harmless fighter like Amir Khan whom he would have easily beaten. For months Amir Khan has been teasing him to incite him to fall and fight him, giving him an overnight publicity that he simply doesn’t deserve. A report while discussing the fight against Amir says, “It would have driven the sport’s hard-core fans mad, but Mayweather would have cruised to a one-sided victory and gladly stuffed his pockets full of Showtime’s money for extremely little risk…By getting Alvarez to sign a deal, Mayweather once again won. This time, it was by knockout over those critics who expected him to take the easiest path”.

Mayweather’s opponent is a hard nosed fighter who minces no words. Floyd Mayweather has amazingly chosen a man who remains undefeated in 43 professional fights. Notwithstanding his achievements Canelo Alvarez, despite 43 pro fights, won’t turn 23 until July and is 13 years younger than Mayweather. A report while talking about Canelo Alvarez’s potential says, “He won’t be fighting a guy moving up in weight, like he did when he bested Robert Guerrero on May 4. Alvarez is a natural super welterweight, and the two-pound concession worked into the contract won’t have much of an impact on the bout. Though the super welterweight limit is 154 pounds, the fighters agreed that the limit at the weigh-in will be 152. To his credit, Alvarez said the two pounds were no problem and readily agreed”.

Compared to other boxers who have fought against Mayweatehr Jr in recent past, he is the toughest. Canelo Alvarez is one of the most ferocious fighters of his age. His right punch is a fighter breaker and many have called Canelo Alvarez as terminator and bulldozer. Besides he comes with a very powerful chin that is able to face even most powerful punches, absorb them and then go for offensive and eventually beat his opponent. He comes to the fight on September 14 as undefeated. But while Canelo Alvarez comes to the fight undefeated and great chin, Mayweather comes in the fight with a great career to boast, he is also undefeated. Besides he brings with him more than a decade of boxing experience and beating the top boxers, most of them who had ruled the boxing world one time or the other. His experience is a huge plus point for the Mayweather Jr. I think that by not choosing Amir Khan he has done a great favour to the Brit boxer who has just got married. A defeat so early in his marriage would have been very difficult for him.


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  • victornavanemenzo


  • victornavanemenzo

    Whoever make this article who thought that this Quacker will win is totally I really disagreed. The article is meant to hype the Quacker cause it carries wrong information to the readers. The fight is not suicidal on the side of the Quacker cause of the catch weight limit that will affect the strength of Canelo. Mayquacker camp had seen that Canelo’s strength will be affected cause of the contracted weight limit that this Quacker imposed to make a sure ‘win’ because Mayquacker really knows that he cannot match the strength of Canelo in full 154 lbs. ..,that’s why, this Quacker will run again in this fight. Another factor to earn the ‘win’ for Mayquacker are the American judges that may assigned to supervise the fight. Mayquacker once again will make another posturing to Bob Arum, Manny Pacquiao et, al. and to the world that he’s better than Manny, LOL! Saul has no other way to win the fight is to win by knock out!

  • Ram English

    of course white man kisses floyds butt. all judges will make floyd win. floyd will be 100 wins
    0 losses even if he loses every fight. he’s a good runner. floyd wins boxing races not brawls. floyd will lose bad if he fights canelo face to face.

  • Ram English

    who has money mayweather faught in their prime? de la hoya, cotto, margarito, maravilla martinez, julio cesar chavez, whitaker, taylor, mosley? anyone else? i dont think so.
    only top boxers mayweather has faced and they are not even that top are judah and corrales. dont forget mayweather lost the jose luis castillo 1 fight.

  • g.s.

    how much money this writer received from the money camp and golden boy camp??? do you really think that all readers in this site are dumb??? hype it my man. monkeyweather will never risk his zero loss no matter what. he might as well face an unpolished alvarez than an alvarez two or three years form now.

  • ralpheal hampton

    oh wows really are you fucking kidding me here? Floyd mayweather is one of the best fighter in the world, why because he is beyond smart in the ring he carefully pick shots score in hurt his oppenents.

  • ralpheal hampton

    just stop all this shit talking you not in the ring fighting none of these guys, so of course you can not relate to any professional fighter in any sports. you don’t do this shit for a living so stfu in get back to your 9 to 5 job having ass plz in thanks. will you become undefeated then talk til then you do not matter at all okay.come September 14th this will be the most exicted fight ever very close fight,that can go either way that night. buti know Floyd mayweather will make it possible in get the knouckout of via decision.don’t get me wrong I love canelo but he is just not there yet, this is a whole new ball game here. hell he fought some shitty ass washed up fighter’s get on his case now rasist ass red necks huh?

  • Kaleb

    You racist dogs never cease to amaze me. You never recognize Black Excellence til a black foot is in your ass. Mayweather wins in 9.

    P.S. Tell me how could a 22 year old have a 43-0 record except his whole career be staged? He is the closest to a white champion that you dogs will ever get, and I would love to see you put your money where your mouth is.

  • Ram English

    dummy, castillo beat mayweather in first fight, hahaha. mayweather fights has beens loser. poor dude u cant even write.

  • Ram English

    mayweather should run around the ring ha.

  • Ram English

    mayweather to steal fight? he will retire undefeated with losses that arent on his rec.