BY | June 15, 2013

Many analysts say that by agreeing to Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Canelo Alvarez fight, Money has endangered his career

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Canelo Alvarez fight is fast approaching. It is unbelievable to see the best pound for pound fighter Floyd Mayweatehr Jr fighting two great boxers in a matter of just around four months. Most often he fights just a single fight in the whole year, but given the fact that he didn’t suffer any health issue in the first games, he immediately announced his plan to fight another boxer in the month of September.

When Floyd Mayweather Jr announced his intention of facing another boxer after beating Robert Guerrero, no one thought that he will pick and chose such a formidable boxer like undefeated Canelo Alvarez. When he announced his plans to fight Robert Guerrero, no one was surprised as many thought that he was a spent force. But his announcement to take on another undefeated boxer like Canelo Alvarez took many by surprise as not many had thought that he would be taking on a boxer far younger and far powerful than him. But the fight against Robert Guerrero had proved that the best pound for pound boxer has years of boxing left in him.

There is no doubt that Mayweather Jr has decided to take on a ferocious fighter who is on the pinnacle of his career must be a well thought out strategy of Mayweather. Mayweather Jr vs Alvarez fight is generating the sort of enthusiasm that was not seen so long before the beginning of the fight. The best thing about the fight is the fact that both of them are in great form and come in the fight without any defeat. The two come to the fight unbeaten and the biggest charm of the fight will be to know as to who is actually beaten here. Both the fighters cannot remain unbeaten after the fight. But stakes are far too high for Floyd Mayweather Jr, the best pound for pound boxer of our time who is also called Money for his potential to earn big time money. Reports suggest that Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero fight brought unprecedented riches to the biggest boxer of the last two decades. The fight that gave Gurrero some six million dollars actually brought as much as fifty million dollars to Mayweather Jr. If everything goes well, his proceeds from the next fight against Canelo Alvarez will be higher than this amount.

Though most of the boxing fans would be praying that Floyd Mayweather Jr should be beaten in the fight, others think that the choice of Canelo Alvarez as opponent was something suicidal for Mayweather Jr. there are many analysts and fans who suggest that instead of going for a menacing boxer like Canelo Alvarez he should have gone for a harmless fighter like Amir Khan whom he would have easily beaten. For months Amir Khan has been teasing him to incite him to fall and fight him, giving him an overnight publicity that he simply doesn’t deserve. A report while discussing the fight against Amir says, “It would have driven the sport’s hard-core fans mad, but Mayweather would have cruised to a one-sided victory and gladly stuffed his pockets full of Showtime’s money for extremely little risk…By getting Alvarez to sign a deal, Mayweather once again won. This time, it was by knockout over those critics who expected him to take the easiest path”.

Canelo Alvarez is unlike any other fighter Mayweather has beaten in the recent past. Mayweather’s opponent is a hard nosed fighter who minces no words. Floyd Mayweather has amazingly chosen a man who remains undefeated in 43 professional fights. Notwithstanding his achievements Canelo Alvarez, despite 43 pro fights, won’t turn 23 until July and is 13 years younger than Mayweather. A report while talking about Canelo Alvarez’s potential says, “He won’t be fighting a guy moving up in weight, like he did when he bested Robert Guerrero on May 4. Alvarez is a natural super welterweight, and the two-pound concession worked into the contract won’t have much of an impact on the bout. Though the super welterweight limit is 154 pounds, the fighters agreed that the limit at the weigh-in will be 152. Now both the fighters are looking completely ready to take on each other, and both don’t give a damn to what others tell each other.


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