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The boxing world want them to fight each other but Floyd Mayweather Jr and Pacman next fight will decide if they will ever fight

They are the two boxers who are always the talk of the whole world. To be true for the whole boxing world these two boxers are the only talking point and other boxers come into focus only because of the fact that they may be perspective challenger of the two in their next boxing match.

Though for the last one year, one of the two boxers Manny Pacquiao was out of favour with the boxing fans, but with his impressive return against Brandon Rios he is once again the focus of the media and his next fight is as much being talked as that of the other boxer namely Floyd Mayweather Jr. Though the whole boxing world seems to be eager to see the two fighters take on each other in the ring, right now there is actually no chance of them fighting each other in the ring, though shadow boxing has already started.

In a recent interview the best pound for pound boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr actually questioned Manny Pacquiao’s ability to be very effective against quality boxers in coming days. He said that right now Pacquiao doesn’t deserve a shot at him and added that Pacquiao’s pay-per-view numbers have gone down substantially. He also said that his gate receipts against Saul Alvarez were also the richest in boxing history. And to be true Floyd Mayweather Jr completely beats Manny Pacquiao in the game of money making. For the last fight against Canelo Alvarez, the top pound for pound earned as much as $100 million as per Yahoo Sports estimates. Even conservative statements put it close to $90 million.

There is no doubt that the Pilipino boxer is still the second best. But the difference has widened in the last one month. Though Manny Pacquiao earned around $25 million for his last fight against Brandon Rios, he still fell way short of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s earning capacity. Money Mayweather earns at least three times higher than the man whose thoughts scare him. Despite all his money making prowess and wins he has wittingly avoided facing Manny Pacquiao.

Right now the most important question that is keeping people busy in the boxing world is to who the two boxers will fight. While the man who has not lost a single fight in his last 48 outings in the ring has remained a top draw, Manny Pacquiao, the Philippine boxer who is also a member of his nation’s Congress has made a spectacular comeback. While there are reports that Floyd Mayweather jr may pick up British boxer Aamir Khan who is infamous for his weak chin for his May 2014 bout, there are also speculations that he may also pick Marcos Maidana. As far as Manny Pacquiao is concerned, there is no clear word to whom he going to fight in his next fight. Timothy Bradley’s name is reportedly popping as a probable competitor for the boxer. But till now there is no confirmation as to whom he will be taking on in the next bout. But the boxing fans want them not to pick others but take on each other to decide once and for all as to who is the best.


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  • EdLearsi

    As far as I can remember, boxing is not about who makes the most money but who hits his opponent more. That is the boxing that I know. This Greatest Ducker of All Time is making up excuses again just to avoid fighting the Pacman. He is so scared of the Pacman that he has never run out of excuses all this time. Who is he fooling? “My health is more important than money” So scared. So scared to get beat LOL. If he wants to fight only the fighters that will equal him in money making prowess then he should stop fighting now. Does Ortiz, Guerrero, and Canelo make more money than Pacquiao? When Pacquiao was making more money than him he had other excuses. what a fibber. Pweehh.