Floods damage crops in Punjab


    Chandigarh (ANI): Floodwaters are receding in Punjab, but large areas were inundated causing damage to crops.

    Seven districts in the state of Punjab have been worst affected, out of which the crops in Patiala, Sangrur and Mansa districts have been completely destroyed.

    Farmers had invested a huge sum in sowing the crops and for their maintenance.

    Heavy rains led to floods in Markanda, Tangri and Ghaggar rivulets.

    The breach in Ghaggar river submerged Sardulgarh in Mansa disctrict of Punjab.

    “Around 260,000 acres of crops have been damaged due to floods. The damage is in seven districts. And in district like Patiala, Sangrur, Mansa wherever the floodwater has ended, their hundred percent crops has been damaged. There is loss of lives also, lot of cattle has been killed in this flood, and lots of houses have been damaged. And lots of tube wells have been submerged which are also affected due to this flood,” said Amarjit Singh Dullat, Punjab Chief Engineer.

    According to an estimate the state has incurred losses to the tune of almost rupees 6.5 billion, due to damage to crops, property and roads. (ANI)