Flipkart dumps app only model, launches ‘Flipkart Lite’

Flipkart dumps app only model, launches ‘Flipkart Lite’

Flipkart dumps app only model, launches ‘Flipkart Lite’

India’s top online retailer that is giving tough fight to Amazon’s India branch has finally realized that you need to have a mobile website that caters to people who don’t like using apps. And believe me there are any number of people who abhor the sight of an app for multiple reasons.

Flipkart has been trying to promote its app so that it was not much dependent on website that keeps on crashing as people start visiting in increasingly large numbers. The retailing giant saw some tough time last year when its website continued to crash every other minute in its One Billion Sale. This year it was much better as due to promises of more and more discounts it has prompted people to switch to app and has invested in its online website too.

Sometimes ago the company had said that it will make one of its subsidiary Myntra app only and that Flipkart will do the same shortly. Apparently it has not dared to do it so not to antagonize Flipkart shoppers.

flipkart appFlipkart has seen that its competitor Amazon is not just promoting its app in a big way, it is also allowing its users to use the website and mobile website and luring them both with offers.

A report in Firstpost says, “the app only strategy cannot completely be ridiculed as having no basis, considering that a significantly high percentage of users are transacting via smartphones. While we have posed these questions in the past when Myntra decided to shut its website, what did stand out is the fact that a business was pushing its way on to consumers rather than give consumers the option to choose which platform suits them the best”.

Flipkart has other reasons to give emphasis on app only approach. Peeyush Ranjan, VP of Engineering at Flipkart was quoted by a media source as saying that apps have the advantages of a cleaner interface and the advantage to stay offline. He added that despite these advantages, one significant challenge is that most users access the service via low-end smartphones that aren’t updated regularly. Now with the launch of Flipkart Lite, many people who didn’t like the app will make a comeback.

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