Fish oil supplement makes chemotherapy as good as useless

Fish oil supplement makes chemotherapy as good as useless

Fish oil supplement makes chemotherapy as good as useless

This study is very important for people undergoing chemotherapy. A latest study has concluded that you should avoid fish oil supplement if you are undergoing chemotherapy as it makes chemotherapy ineffective.

I am sure that the study is going to help thousands of people not just in the US, but around the world. Many people regularly take fish oil supplement and don’t bother to ask their doctors about it as they don’t find any correlation between the two.

The latest study claims that taking fish oil may make the chemotherapy look utterly useless. The study that was conducted by researchers associated with the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam was published in the journal JAMA Oncology.

fish oilScientists working on the project have concluded that there are some unique fatty acids present in certain oil fish supplements that somehow or the other hamper the action of the drugs used in chemotherapy. Researchers claim that they examined such supplements in order to find out whether these organic compounds can be found in the tablets.

They finally concluded that some fish oil supplements in fact impact the chemotherapy metabolism in the sense that after the treatment ends they allow cancer cells to reassemble. After thorough study they concluded that there is one particular fatty acid 16:four(n-3) that was found in the supplements in a substantial dose. Studies prove that as many as twenty percent people who suffer from cancer consume omega-three fatty acids in meals or from pills and liquids.

Now researchers are asking people to completely refrain from such supplements. In fact they have released an advisory asking patients to avoid taking any fish oil supplement one day before and one day after their chemotherapy sessions.

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