FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015: USA vs Colombia score, start time, TV schedule etc

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015: USA vs Colombia score, start time, TV schedule etc

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015: USA vs Colombia score, start time, TV  schedule etc

Women’s World Cup 2015 was already a big draw and has been attracting large number of spectators from across the world well before the US vs Columbia controversy. Team USA has done pretty well thus far despite not being able to play as good a game as they and their fans thought they were capable of. Nonetheless the team has managed it without much of bruises thus far and has reached the final 16 by topping its group.

Despite trash talking by the Team Colombia, the US women seem to be convinced that they don’t need to actually respond them kind and believe it is better to wait to respond on the soccer stadium instead of the media.

There is no denying the fact that the team USA seems to be in great shape and may succeed in winning the trophy to combine Olympic and World Cup trophies both. But despite its rather good show till now, they have been late starters and have made many mistakes in at least two matches, though they won both of them.

soccer world cup women team USAThe two teams haven’t faced each other in at least three years. When the teams met nearly three years ago in the London Olympics, Colombia striker Lady Andrade sucker-punched U.S. star Abby Wambach in the eye, drawing a two-match suspension. Now again the same player has come out and created a storm of sort by her latest comment.
Lady Andrade is in attacking mood, but team US is not ready to respond at least off the field. “Yes, we’ve seen what Lady said,” Morgan said. “We’ve always respected them. We want to let our actions speak on the field.” The US coach Jill Ellis said she understands Andrade’s posturing, but it has no impact on the U.S. approach to the match.

Ellis said, “She should say she’s going to win. Every athlete here is an elite athlete. At that level, you should have self-belief in what you can do…Does it derail us? Do we focus on it? No. I just want to win the game.” The US team that is ranked second behind Germany only in case of a victory over Las Cafeteras would move the U.S. to the quarterfinals against No. 16 China, which defeated Cameroon, 1-0, on Saturday.

What, Where, When:
Round of 16 game at Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton
Monday, June 22, 8 p.m. ET, Fox Sports 1, or pay for a subscription to Fox Soccer2Go, available at

NBC Sports Live Extra available at will live stream it in Spanish.

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