FDA Approves United States’ First ‘Biosimilar’ Medicine, Zarxio

FDA Approves United States’ First ‘Biosimilar’ Medicine, Zarxio

FDA Approves United States’ First ‘Biosimilar’ Medicine, Zarxio

This is going to be a godsend for many people. The US Food and Drug Administration has finally approved Zarxio, produced by Sandoz. This is the first biosimilar drug allowed in the USA.

It means that the FDA is allowing it, thus making the way for substitute of very costly drugs that are available in the market here at the moment.

Sandoz’s Zarxio drug is actually intended to assist the body form white blood cells in cancer therapy. Drugs that take care of the same issue are many times more costly compared to this one and leave a big hole in the pocket of cancer patients.
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But many people claim that it is actually almost a copy of an existing medication called Neupogen or filgrastim. The same drug was allowed in Europe in the year 2009 as Zarzio.

Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, the commissioner of the F.D.Awhile making the announcement said, “Biosimilars will provide access to important therapies for patients who need them”.

Meanwhile Ronny Gal, a senior research analyst says, “This is the first approval for low cost alternatives to biological drugs…It will reasonably allow for reduction of cost in older cancer care drugs, clearing room in the budgets for new breakthrough cancer agents.”

The approval is significant because it opens the door to a new class of potentially cheaper lifesaving drugs for millions of Americans. It concerns a class of drugs known as biologics, which are made out of living cells and not synthesized from chemicals like ordinary drugs. Some examples of popular biologic drugs are Remicade, Humira and Enbrel for autoimmune disease, and Herceptin, Rituxan and Avastin for cancer. Some of the most expensive medications in the world are biologics.

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