Father’s sperm predicts autism

Father’s sperm predicts autism

Father’s sperm predicts autism

A latest report claims that father’s sperm may be able to predict if the child will suffer from autism. This is going to be a game changer in the medical field given the scope of improvement it can bring to the prediction and treatment in future.

Autism affects a large number of kids across the world and people suffer very badly due to the lack of medication and availability of trained nurses in the field.

Autism actually impacts the very personality of a kid suffering from it. It causes substantial social, communication and behavioral issues among people suffering from it.

autism_awarenessIt is needless to say that autism is a common problem and afflicts as many as one in every 86 children in the US, according to the CDC estimates. Some reports suggest that autism may be genetic and a kid inherits it from his parents or their relatives. But thus far no test has been developed that could actually assess autism risk among kids.

Researchers are enthused by the latest findings. Dr. Andrew Feinberg, a professor of molecular medicine at the Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore while talking about it says, “We wondered if we could learn what happens before someone [develops] autism”.

The research team claims that they actually analyzed DNA in the sperm of 44 fathers of children with early signs of an autism spectrum disorder. According to them their focus was actually not on genes themselves, but on “epigenetic tags” that help regulate genes’ activity.

Now researchers say that they actually recognized as many as 193 sites where the presence or absence of an epigenetic tag was related to autism.

The team claims that four of the 10 sites most strongly linked to autism were located near genes associated with Prader-Willi syndrome. It is needless to say that the study is going to be a lot useful in the days to come.

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