Fake students are multiplying in Bihar for mid-day meal scam


    By NVONews.Com Special Correspondent,

    The alphabet of education in Bihar has quite an interesting thing. When it comes to C it might be for cat, actually it is for cycle and when it comes to D it might be for Dog and also surely it is for Dresss. But when it comes to E it is hardly for Education, it might be for eggs of the mid day meal.

    Though parents in general accuse the school authorities that mid day meal is not being given properly to their wards, there are also accusation that to mint money from the mid day meal scheme huge number of fake students are registered.

    Now the state government itself has come with this startling fact. It is now saying to have identified at least 380 schools where fraud in mid day meal was rampant. Educational level of the government shcools have gone down considerably.

    Bihar Educational Quality Mission had sent inquiry team to 1310 schools of the state. When these team submitter their report it was revealed that in 380 schools only 25 percent students were present while the number of students mentioned for the mid day meal was many fold. At several all the registered students were shown as having the mid day meal.

    Now the education department is sending the list of such schools to the district education officer and deistric programme officers to lodge first information report of the embezzlement of the concerned schools.

    Managing Director of Bihar Educational Quality Mission Deepak Kumar Singh says that the officers have been asked to identify the concerned persons responsible for such fraud.

    To enhance the number of students in government schools, bicycle is being given to the enrolled students from class nine but there are several cases where villages mentioned in the list were found to be nonexistent. The Central Monitoring cum Data Centre has done an inquiry which says that during 2010-2011 hundreds of cycles were allotted in the name of two or more students where the name of not only students but their father’s name and address was identical. Such cases were found more prevalent in the districts of Gaya, Shehar, Rohtas and Katihar.

    For the current year around 7.41 lakhs boys and 6.48 girls are being money for their bicycles.

    Similar fraud has been found in the case of dress. The human resources minister of Bihar P.K. Sahi says that in both cycle and dress scheme regulations are being modified. Now it will be given after six months attendance record. He also informed that from some districts the cheques meant for the cycle scheme were returned.


    1. I suppose more of such disclosures are in the offing, who are these Quality Mission people?

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