Facebook’s to expand despite protests

Facebook’s to expand despite protests

Facebook’s to expand despite protests

Facebook Inc is trying to make itself available to people in remotest parts of the world. And in order to do so it is planning to provide free basic Internet on mobile phones. This is the reason that despite severe criticism against its plan by NGOs and other activists, the company seems to be going ahead and launching the service.

Till now it has introduced the services in as many as seventeen nations, mostly underdeveloped nations in different parts of the world.

Now as the first year of its plan is nearing the company has said that it will continue its quest to expand the basic free internet launch in other parts of the world too. It has also said that it will launch a portal letting any mobile operator to offer the service under its platform. Till now the country has formed alliances with different operators to introduce the service in different countries.facebook-paper app

Till now the social networking giant has developed the platform with six technology partners to bring an estimated 4.5 billion unconnected people online, mainly in Latin America, Asia and Africa. It provides pared-down web services for free to users, along with access to Facebook’s own social network and messaging services.

While detailing the plan, blog post by a top company executive said that the service had taken on board new users 50% faster and that more than half the people using are paying for data to access the wider Internet within 30 days. The application was introduced in India in February in collaboration with Reliance Communications but faced criticism after activists alleged it defied the principles of a neutral Internet.

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