Facebook Messenger App Payment Feature Will Be The Safest

Facebook Messenger App Payment Feature Will Be The Safest

Facebook Messenger App Payment Feature Will Be The Safest

Facebook seems to be working real hard to become part of your daily life, the way Google and Apple have done. The social networking giant has realized it pretty well by now that it has no future without becoming an integral part of people’s lives.

This is the reason the company has come out with a new feature. It has designed payment feature for its wildly popular Messenger App.

To be true, this is not the first time that a Messenger App has provided this feature to its users. Similar features are already being provided by the likes of Venmo, Square and SnapChat. These apps allow us to send money via their messenger app. Merely tapping on the dollar button will get your credit card connected and will allow you to make the transfer.facebook-paper app

Now this is also going to put Google and Apple on notice as Facebook is going to be bigger competitor for them compared to either Venmo, Square or even SnapChat. They are certainly not as big as Facebook and it may take away substantial business from the two tech giants. On Tuesday, Facebook announced the release of the new feature that allows its users to send real money in real time over their app.

While detailing the new beginning a Facebook statement said, “a more convenient and secure way to send or receive money between friends”. The US population should expect the new tool to be made available in the next months. Facebook has made security procedures its sole focus when it comes to creating the new payment method. Your card information is encrypted under layers of software protection, and the connection between you and the friend you’re sending money to, is also secured by multiple safe systems. To many people this is going to look really very dependable and safe.

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