Excess Iced Tea May Destroy Your Kidney

Excess Iced Tea May Destroy Your Kidney

Excess Iced Tea May Destroy Your Kidney 

Excess of everything is bad and this proves true in the case of iced tea too. A 56-year-old man from Arkansas has been told that his kidneys were damaged and that he needed dialysis for the rest of his life.

The analysis and reanalysis of his reports actually amazed his doctors who realized that the kidneys failure was directly linked to his almost regular drinking of four liters of black iced tea.

Doctors found that the patient had a very high level of calcium oxalate crystals in his urine. These calcium oxalate crystals later convert naturally into kidney stones.

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for teaThe man who came complaining severe pain in his abdomen said that he no previous medical or family history of kidney stones. But when questioned he said that he used to take as much as four liters of iced black tea daily.

Later doctors associated with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences concluded that the excessive amount of iced tea may be the main cause of his kidney problems. Researchers claim that black tea has very high levels of oxalate, a chemical known to produce kidney stones. They also claim that it can even lead to kidney failure if consumed in extreme doses.

Researchers seem to be very disturbed over how he did it daily. Dr Umbar Ghaffar of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences , who wrote about the patient in an article for the New England Journal of Medicine said, ‘It was the only reasonable explanation.” Dr Ghaffar went on to add that she didn’t know whether the man was drinking sweet tea, a brew made from black tea with a substantial serving of sugar that is popular in the South, even if he was diabetic.

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