Europe’s Power Grid Braces for Total Solar Eclipse 2015

Europe’s Power Grid Braces for Total Solar Eclipse 2015

Europe’s Power Grid Braces for Total Solar Eclipse 2015

Many nations in Europe are dependent largely on solar power. Entire cities are completely dependent on solar power for electricity. And now as the continent is going to face near total March 20 solar eclipse, officials are simply worried as to what to do.

Many people are uncertain if the officials will be able to ensure continuous power supply to their homes and offices. It is needless to say that Friday total solar eclipse will be one of the biggest challenge for European power grids to prove their efficiency.

Many reports suggest that many places may be facing a crisis of sort as aging electricity grids could buckle under the strain of a sudden drop in solar power.

To be true the issue has become hotly debated issue across the continent. Wall Street Journal quoted Valentin de Miguel of consulting firm Accenture as saying, “Given the growth of renewables across Europe in recent years, this will require an unprecedented amount of careful balancing of supply and demand across the grid”.

Meanwhile solar eclipse will be visible to millions of people in many parts of the world including the UK. It is just a week left between now and the day when solar eclipse will be watched by almost all of us.

Sky-watchers and even lay people are excited throughout the world around a week before the arrival of the solar eclipse. Even in places where solar eclipse will not be visible are very excited about it. Given the fact that internet and the availability of live streaming has enabled people to enjoy such celestial developments from far away, has increased the enthusiasm in those areas where solar system will not be visible.

In UK the solar eclipse will be visible beginning at 8.45am on Friday March 20. People will be disappointed given the fact that this time solar eclipse will be just partial

solar flare1People in the south of the country will have 85 per cent of the sun blocked out, with that number creeping up the further north you go.

But in some areas the solar eclipse will be as good as total as people living north of Scotland will enjoy ‘almost’ total eclipse as 94 per cent of the sun will be obscured.

But in enthusiasm don’t stop to take precaution before you set your eyes on the sun during solar eclipse. A report while talking about how to see the eclipse says, “Take a sheet of the paper, and make a very small hole in the middle of it with a pin. The hole needs to be round and smooth…Hold this piece of paper in front of the sun (but do not look at the sun directly)…The second sheet of paper will act as a screen. Hold it between you and the pinhole paper so that an inverted image of the sun is projected on it through the pinhole…To make the image of the sun larger, move the screen away from the pinholed sheet…Do not look at the sun through the pinhole or through the paper. When using this kind of projector, your back must be towards the sun.

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