Sara Mutschlechner shooting death: 6 facts

Sara Mutschlechner shooting death: 6 facts

Sara Mutschlechner shooting death: 6 facts

Eric Jamal Johnson who has been with the US Armed Forces for the last three years has been arrested in the shooting death of a Texas college student. Sara Mutschlechner, the student of University of North Texas was driving home from a New Year party with her friends, was fatally shot by 20-year old Marine Corporal Eric Jamal Johnson who was driving a SUV.

Latest reports suggest that the young marine corporal of Fort Worth, was driving the SUV and was seen holding a handgun.

20-year old Sara Mutschlechner who was fatally shot by the marine breathed her last later. Johnson was charged with first-degree murder and police suggest that the investigation is still underway.

1-Johnson wanted to ‘F**k Them’

It has now come to focus that Mutschlechner who was in the car with one female and two male friends were approached by Johnson and his friends driving a SUV. University of North Texas student had come out from massive New Year party at a home on Cristoforo Drive in Denton. It is said that “multiple musicians/rappers in attendance” at the party. The occupants of the ill-fated car stayed at the party till 2 a.m. When stopped by the occupants of the SUV, the men inside the vehicle began to talk to Mutschlechner’s friend, Cori.

2-Lewd Comments

A police report said that the SUV occupants started “making lewd comments about the two females in the vehicle, saying they wanted to ‘f**k them’”. Later the attackers shot them as they started driving. Reports suggest that Mutschlechner received shot in the head and crashed the car into another vehicle and an electrical pole.
3-Mutschlechner was found on the ground outside her car

The 20-year old Mutschlechner was found on the ground outside her car when the police arrived. She remained on life support till Friday night. Police officials claim that the surveillance video shows the two cars driving next to each other at 2:06 a.m.sara-mutschlechner

4. Johnson Was With the Rap Group

Mutschlechner’s friends later recognized at least two people who were in the SUV. They said that they were there in the party that was attended by Mutschlechner. Officials claim that they found photos of the Daytona Boyz members, Tay-K and PimpyZ, with Santana Sage, later identified as Eric Jamal Johnson. This was the final nail in their coffin as the photos and videos showed them performing at the party and in the SUV.

5. Johnson is with Marines since 2013
Eric Jamal Johnson who has been arrested for the murder of Mutschlechner joined Marines in 2013. He was arrested by authorities this past Monday at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona. Police reports suggest that Johnson is associated with Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron-1.

6. ‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’
If reports are to be believed the a friend of 20-year old Johnson while talking to a North Texas student said that Mutschlechner was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Later the student posted a screenshot of the message, “Yo friend was at the wrong place wrong time ya boi that was driving was talking shit.”

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