Elon Musk Has Some Mercy, Says Not in Favor of Outlawing Human Driven Cars

Elon Musk Has Some Mercy, Says Not in Favor of Outlawing Human Driven Cars

Elon Musk Has Some Mercy, Says Not in Favor of Outlawing Human Driven cars

Elon Musk defies logic. What he says is initially taken as insane by most people. It is only after many years that lesser mortals like us are able to see the reason and believe that what he claimed a few years was right.

He has become so much adept in prophecies that we no longer question him, fearing that we may have to eat dust once again like many times in the past.

SpaceX and Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk has claimed that some years from now cars driven by humans will become illegal. Right now self driving cars are illegal across the world except in a few cities in US and Europe.

tesla_roadsterBut the serial entrepreneur claims that in due course, self driving cars will become very common and human driving cars will become extinct leading them to be banned.

While talking to a top tech minds of our times NVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at the company’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, Elon Musk said, “People may outlaw driving cars because it’s too dangerous…You can’t have a person driving a two-ton death machine.” But he seems to developed some mercy for lesser mortals and later clarified that he is actually not in favor of outlawing human-driven cars — only that he could envision it happening in the future.tesla_model_d

In any case, it would be a while before human drivers are completely replaced. Musk said there are 2 billion cars on the road, and automakers can make 100 million vehicles per year. That means it would take at least 20 years to replace every car with an autonomous one.

Musk also talked in detail about artificial intelligence saying that autonomous cars won’t be that demon. “That’s sort of like a narrow form of AI…It would be like an elevator. They used to have elevator operators, and then we developed some simple circuitry to have elevators just automatically come to the floor that you’re at … the car is going to be just like that”, he told Verge.

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