Eggs 4 day a week beats diabetes

Eggs 4 day a week beats diabetes

Eggs 4 day a week beats diabetes

Egg lovers must be all very excited following reading this news. A latest study claims that 4 eggs a week is good for your health. But don’t overdo the egg consumption, otherwise it can prove to be equally harmful for your health.

Thus far it was believed that eggs were not that much helpful for your health and that it was actually a health risk.

But the latest study destroys this myth and claims that not just consuming 4 eggs a week cuts the risk of diabetes in your body, it is also good for the overall improvement in your health.

egg how to unboil hard boiled eggThe latest study was conducted by researchers associated with the University of Eastern Finland. The study finds even to the amazement of the researchers that eggs could reduce the risk developing Type 2 diabetes by 40% per cent. The researchers reached the conclusion after analyzing the eating habits of 2,332 middle-aged men during the l980s.

Researchers after analyzing the data comprehensively found that those people who regularly took 4 eggs a week were 38% less likely to fall ill than those who never ate eggs or rarely consumed them. The study also found that the same people actually 38% showed lower blood sugar levels no increase in their cholesterol levels.

Researchers say that they didn’t make any distinction in the way of preparation of eggs as the results were positive, showing that the cholesterol effect was not much among those who ate it four times in a week. The study has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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