Eating healthy at fast food restaurants

Eating healthy at fast food restaurants

Eating out often means eating unhealthy. Eating out at fast food restaurant is almost always unhealthy because fast food is loaded with all the wrong ingredients from our diet. But it need not necessarily be such a guilt ridden outing if we watch and become a little more discernible about what is served to us in the fast-track eating joints.

The American Diabetes Association has come up with certain tips to eating out without jeopardizing our healthy diet.

Opt for regular or junior-sized portions even if you are starving. By the time you are halfway through the meal, your regular sized meal will be sufficient to fill you up. The meals and portions that are ‘jumbo’, ‘super-sized’, ‘deluxe’ or ‘giant’ are the ones that do you in.

Lean meats that are broiled or grilled are always better options than fried or red meats. Fattening condiments can be replaced by veggies or a dash of mustard. Satisfying, and without any extra calories!

Remember the English muffin when ordering a sandwich, biscuit or croissant.

Appreciate and loiter around the salad bar and opt for the fresh veggies, avoiding heavy dressings, croutons, cheeses and bacon bits.

Feel like some non-veg – lean chicken is good; beef is bad.

Pizza time? Thin-crust veggie pizza would be good choice – without ordering that extra topping or extra cheese, however delicious it asounds when the actors in movies and sitcoms and cartoons order it!

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